6 Aids To Increase Your Sleep-Time Comfort While Pregnant

6 Aids To Increase Your Sleep-Time Comfort While PregnantAs if walking around with a big belly wasn’t hard enough when you’re pregnant, getting a good night’s sleep seems impossible too!

Long before your baby enters the world and is the reason for your sleep deprivation, there is the pregnancy induced sleep deprivation you must make it through first. It can be a combination of a few factors that has you tossing and turning all night and effecting your energy level.

Stress or anxiety over the pregnancy or birth can cloud your mind and make it hard to sleep, you may have to deal with restless legs which can strike during pregnancy or perhaps the changing shape of your body is making it difficult to get comfortable. You may even be one of the lucky ladies who has a combination of those factors.

If this describes you, you’re not alone! There are some products available and some aids that can help you get a better nights rest.

Click through to see 6 aids that can help increase your sleep while pregnant:

  • Use a Body Pillow 1 of 6
    Use a Body Pillow
    This day and age there are some pretty amazing body pillows that are great for pregnancy. Ones that are bigger than you which can cradle your neck, belly bump and knees.
    Get a body pillow from Amazon, $54.99
  • Get a Special Bed 2 of 6
    Get a Special Bed
    This may be an expensive way to get some rest, but there are pregnancy-speciality beds available that work with your belly.
    Get a belly bed from Belly Bed, $299.99
  • Try a Sound Machine 3 of 6
    Try a Sound Machine
    If relaxation is what you need to fall asleep you may want to try a sound machine. They can be customized to play a variety of sounds and van help you drift to sleepy land.
    Get a sound machine from Amazon, $19.97
  • Put Some White Noise into the Room 4 of 6
    Put Some White Noise into the Room
    This is my favorite sleep aid even now when I am not pregnant. Using a fan is a great way to get some white noise and the air circulation can be of comfort too.
    Get a fan from Amazon, $24.99
  • Drink a Warm Glass of Milk 5 of 6
    Drink a Warm Glass of Milk
    An age old trick that seems to work is a warm glass of milk. Give it a try and you may be surprised.
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  • Exercise Daily 6 of 6
    Exercise Daily
    Not too close to bed time, but regular exercise can help you expel that energy that you need to burn off to sleep.
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