6 Books for Children That Explain Pregnancy and Birth

6 Books for Children that Explain Pregnancy & Birth via Babble.comKids as a lot of questions and I have always been on the ‘tell them the truth’ path with as much information as they want to know. I am a parent who doesn’t believe in ‘tricking’ the kids about Santa or the tooth fairy (my husband has different ideas though) and I believe in giving them correct information for body parts and all that jazz.

When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth I have already begun to answer some of my kids questions. They know that the baby grows in moms uterus which will look like her stomach as she gets bigger. They haven’t really asked too many questions yet, though they do know that mommy and daddy are trying to make another baby.

This weekend my kids spent a few hours with my mom — their grandma and not two minutes after I dropped them off I get a text from my mom, “OMG. They just asked me how babies were made.” I died laughing and told her that if she was uncomfortable explaining, she could just ask them to talk to me when I go and pick them up.

They never did, but I know that question will circle around again sooner than later, so I want to be prepared to answer without totally grossing them out (they are only 6, 5 and 3 years old). So, I have been doing some research and came across some books that seem to explain the whole process just for kids.

Click through to see 6 books for children that explain pregnancy and birth:

  • How a Baby is Made 1 of 6
    How a Baby is Made
    I have flipped through this book and it's totally real - from the explanation to the pictures.
    Get your own from Amazon
  • How Babies Are Made 2 of 6
    How Babies Are Made
    This book is probably more geared toward the parent who is a bit more reserved. It still explains, without over detailed images.
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  • We’re Having a Homebirth 3 of 6
    We're Having a Homebirth
    A good book for the family who is going to be having a homebirth. Many of the other books are all centred around hospital births/
    Get your own from Home Birth Childrens Book
  • Happy Birth Day 4 of 6
    Happy Birth Day
    This book would be good to read to your child to help them understand the life of a newborn.
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  • It’s NOT The Stork! 5 of 6
    It's NOT The Stork!
    This book is a great platform to answer many other questions often posed by children. It's the real story without the 'stork' reference that many used to tell. It scientifically accurate and still easy for kids to grasp.
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  • Baby on the Way 6 of 6
    Baby on the Way
    This book helps tackle the how are babies made questions and will answer how their life will change when a new baby enters. There are great suggestions on how to get your child involved.
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Photo credit: It’s NOT the Stork by Robie H. Harris


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