6 Confessed Habits I Do While in the 2-Week-Wait When Trying to Conceive

When you are actively trying to conceive, things that we do can seem a bit strange to those who have either not been pregnant or have not actively tried to get pregnant before. Sometimes I do envy those who get ‘surprise’ pregnant because as a perfectionist, over-achiever and a control freak, trying to conceive is not always as stress-free as I would like it to be.I am in my 3rd month of actively trying to conceive and while I know it’s not a long time to be trying at all (promise, I am not really freaking out), but I would like to be pregnant like yesterday.

I have all the things set in place that I need to before we try, I am so ready to be pregnant and I am currently in my 1 week wait. Many of us ‘trying-to-conceiver’s” talk about the 2 week wait (2WW) and 1 week wait (1WW) which is the time between ovulation and when we can test — aka the luteal phase. It’s the time were we do more of the ‘weird’ things as we stress, anticipate and hope to be pregnant. Some of us develop weird habits and today I confess my weird habits — but I bet I am not alone in the weirdness… if I am, well… enjoy!

Click through to read my 6 confessed habits I do while in the 2WW:

  • Test Way Too Early 1 of 6
    Test Way Too Early
    I know when it's too early to test, yet because I am anxious, I test way too early. And still get disappointed when it's negative
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  • Check & Check Again the Toilet Paper 2 of 6
    Check & Check Again the Toilet Paper
    Yeah, after I pee I obsessively look at the toilet paper to see cervical mucus changes and any signs of implantation bleeding.
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  • Ask My Cat 3 of 6
    Ask My Cat
    I will always ask my cat if he's sitting on me because I am pregnant. When I actually am pregnant, he is very protective, so I start to wonder in the 2ww
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  • Check and Re-Check 4 of 6
    Check and Re-Check
    I will take my temperature throughout the day even though it won't tell me anything. I just want to make sure it's still up and progesterone is still in my system
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  • Stare at my Chart 5 of 6
    Stare at my Chart
    It won't change anything. It won't make me pregnant, but I sit and stare at it anyway. Looking for signs of implantation or when the earliest I can test by (though it will be too early)
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  • I Squeeze the Ladies 6 of 6
    I Squeeze the Ladies
    Weird right? But I do. I squeeze them to see if they are sore, feel fuller and generally if they feel like they're pregnant. You know what though -- my early pregnant boobs and PMS boobs feel the same.
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:: What weird things do you do while in the 2 WW? ::


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