6 First Trimester Purse Must Haves

The more I figure out how my body handles pregnancy the more I’m able to prepare myself to handle these ups and downs. I’m still thrown for some kind of loop almost every day (today, pinching pain in left abdomen sent me into a crazy spiral), but my morning sickness has gotten more predictable, my aversions are maybe the tiniest bit better and I’m getting used to some of the other patterns.

I will probably never get used to be exhausted all day every day, but the rest of it I’m learning.

At this point, my purse is stocked daily with things that I cannot live without. Okay, I can live without them, but not comfortably.

I’m sure that everyone’s list differs, but these are the 6 current must haves in my purse. I imagine these will change as the pregnancy progresses, but these have been consistent for the past few weeks and have saved me more than a few times.

  • Zofran 1 of 6
    Considering my fairly severe fear of vomiting, I'm not sure I'd make it out of bed without my Zofran. Though I don't take it very much during the day, usually just mornings and night, I will not be caught without it because "morning" sickness, can be extremely sneaky. And awful.
  • Nilla Wafers 2 of 6
    Nilla Wafers
    I mentioned last week that I've been having hunger issues and it's not that my appetite is that huge, it's that, when I'm hungry if I don't eat, I become immediately nauseous. And this is a problem when this happens like a half an hour before dinner, because then I'm too nauseous to eat dinner, even with Zofran. It took me a few weeks to get the right snack, but Nilla Wafers have fit the bill. Earlier it was graham crackers, but I think that once you eat a food too much while nauseous, it becomes your next aversion. So for the time being, my go to snack is Nilla Wafers. It has saved many a dinner for me.
  • EOS Lip Balm 3 of 6
    EOS Lip Balm
    I got a ball EOS lip balm at a blogging conference two years ago and it has become my favorite. I only use the mint flavor, which is hard to come by at my local drug store, but it's a really good moisturizing balm. I don't know this is unique to me, but pregnancy has dried my skin out pretty severely. If not equipped with lip balm at all times, my lips crack and bleed without any real notice. It's really cute.
  • iPhone 4 of 6
    Okay I would carry my iPhone with me anyway, but at this point I use it to text my husband changes to dinner based upon what sounds edible/inedible by that point in the day, to look at apps that tell me what size my baby is (lime! That's huge!) and how much longer I have in this awful first trimester (it depends upon if you go developmental or gestational. The answer is too long). It's also pretty useful for playing on twitter and facebook when I'm supposed to be paying attention in class.
  • Tylenol 5 of 6
    Though pregnancy has been really, really good to my headaches (until I wrote these words on Sunday, it's a CURSE), I still get some pretty fierce ones and at this point, the only option I have is Tylenol. It doesn't usually kill the headache, but at times it makes it bearable. I take it pretty sparingly, but I just know the one day I don't pack it is the day I'll really need it.
  • Water 6 of 6
    I've always been a pretty good water drinker, but I have tried to make sure I'm getting the full 64+ ounces of water a day, every day. I typically use the Thermos brand water bottles because they keep the drinking area completely covered and they're dishwasher safe. But more importantly, if I wasn't drinking so much water how else could I be assured to get up to pee at least 3 times each night?

What are your must have purse items?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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