6 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor if Your Fertility Treatments Aren’t Working

I am pretty sure my 14th month didn’t work for us as far as getting pregnant goes. I am going to test again on Monday, but signs are pointing that it will be negative and we will be moving onto month 15 ¬†of trying to convince; the 7th month on fertility treatments.

I am not impressed, so say it lightly. It’s not been as simple as I had hoped and expected and some big decisions are likely going to be discussed and finalized over the next little while.

One thing that is on the “to talk about” list is to re-assess is the treatments with my doctor. I have some questions that I am going to bring to his attention since it doesn’t seem like my treatments are working. If you find yourself in the same boat (and I hope that you’re not), these are some important questions that you might want to consider asking your doctor too.

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    Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor If Your Fertility Treatments Don't Work
    We are all told to be patient and that's a good quality, but when it comes to your fertility treatments, reevaluating if it's taking longer than you hoped is important. These questions are all ones I will be talking with my doctor about soon and it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to ask your doctor too.
  • Are There Any Tests We Should Be Doing? 2 of 7
    Are there any tests we should be doing?

    I know that there are some extra tests we can (and probably should) do since it's been taking longer than I hoped, and my doctor too. While we know that one cause is that I was not ovulating, now that blood tests have confirmed that the dosage I am on is working, it's time we see if there is a second contributing factor.

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    Am I On The Right Dosage or Best Meds?

    There are several different medications that can be used to stimulate ovulation or adjust hormones that can be used in fertility treatment. If you're not satisified with the amount of time it's been taking, talking to your doctor about adjusting the dosage or finding another medication that can do the same thing that may work better for your body is a benefit. 

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    Are There Any Naturopathic Things I Can Try

    While you may be seeing a medical doctor for your fertility, as I am as well -- it doesn't mean they won't have alternative suggestions beyond traditional medication. Asking your doctor on their opinion on things like acupunture or adding herbs or vitamins to your regime is a good way to get him on board so he knows everything you're trying and he could have some great suggestions too.

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    What Happens If This Won't Work?

    Let's be honest, no one wants to think that what they're doing won't work. It's hard to look at that option, but after a while it becomes a very important discussion. You will want to know what other options are available for you if this one doesn't work. That way, you can take the time to research, save the money (since it can be quite pricy) and lay out all your options. 

  • Can You Recommend Someone So I Can Get a Second Opinion? 6 of 7
    Can You Recommend Someone So I Can Get a Second Opinion?

    A good doctor would be happy to suggest someone for you to see and give a referral so you can get a second opinion. If they say no, you know it's time already to find someone new. It's nothing against your doctor, but before you venture into more expensive things or change the course of your treatment drastically, it's always wise to get another set of eyes and ears to look at your unique situation.

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    Is There Anything More I Could Be Doing?

    It's important that we're an active participant in our treatment and talking to your doctor about what more you could be doing is a smart move. For some people, losing some weight may be a way you can aid in your fertility, for other's exercise, reducing stress or many other things we can do to increase our chances. Your doctor may have some great suggestions on when and how often you should be having sex for conception or other things you may not have thought about. 

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