6 Love Lessons I Learned During My Pregnancy

6 Love Lessons I Learned During My PregnancyHappy love day to you all! I hope you’re getting showered with flowers, chocolate, kisses and kind words. I hope you have someone to share the gooey-romantic stuff with and if you’re not partnered up — I hope you take the day to spend with your girlfriends, they’re important too!

I have never been a particularly romantic person. I am not into getting flowers or love notes and still get a bit uncomfortable when I hear the words, “I love you.” I know that I am loved and that’s an amazing feeling, but before I had kids — I had no idea I could love something that much.

Being pregnant changes a lot of things in your life and one thing I learned when I was pregnant for the first time were some pretty big lessons on love. I can’t wait to be pregnant again and feel the same feelings that I didn’t think were possible. It’s funny when and where you can learn these lessons, but I am so thankful I had the opportunity to learn them!

Here are a few lessons that pregnancy taught me about love:

  • Love for Something You’ve Never Seen is Real 1 of 6
    Love for Something You've Never Seen is Real
    I had always heard of love at first sight, but never heard of the huge love for something you've not met face-to-face. It became quite real when I was pregnant.
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  • Loving Strange Food Combinations 2 of 6
    Loving Strange Food Combinations
    So, not really romantic, but there were times that I would prefer that strange food-mash-up to nearly anything else in the world. I had no idea one could love food that much.
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  • Embrace the Changes in My Body 3 of 6
    Embrace the Changes in My Body
    I have never been too accepting of my body, but when I was pregnant I learned to embrace and even love the changes it made while growing a human.
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  • I Fell In Love With My Husband All Over Again 4 of 6
    I Fell In Love With My Husband All Over Again
    I was in love when we got married, when we were pregnant, but it took on a whole new level when I watched him with his child.
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  • Love Grows and Grows 5 of 6
    Love Grows and Grows
    I worried a little when I was pregnant with my second child just how could I love something else as much as I love my son. Turns out, love does grow and grow and has no limits.
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  • I Love More Than I Thought Possible 6 of 6
    I Love More Than I Thought Possible
    I am not a gushy or romantic person. The words "I love you" still make me a bit uncomfortable even though my husband tells me almost daily. When I was pregnant, my capacity for love grew so much I had no idea someone could feel that much.
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