6 Mistakes First-time Moms Make Before the Baby Arrives

First-time moms are entitled to make a lot of mistakes. Having a baby is a learning process. But some mistakes are easy to avoid. Especially if you take the advice of a mom currently pregnant with her second child who is determined not to repeat them.

Here are 6 mistakes many first-time moms make — I made at least three of them.

1) Buying tons of newborn clothes.

There are three reasons this is a mistake. 1) A lot of newborns never fit into newborn clothes or only do for a couple of weeks. 2) Newborn clothes are basically pajamas with a lot of snaps on the crotch and aren’t that exciting. 3) Friends and family are going to buy you more newborn clothes than you know what to do with them. Save your money for 6-9 month outfits when the options get way more fun.

2) Spending a fortune on a fancy bassinet.

We made this mistake. We bought an organic modern wood bassinet that would look beautiful in our bedroom. We used it for three months, took it apart and stuck it in storage. Now that the new baby is coming, we pulled it back out and can’t find a leg.

3) Thinking you need to buy everything before the baby is born.

I’m Jewish. We believe that you shouldn’t buy things until AFTER the baby is born— a very literal, “Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.” Morbid, I know. I’m not trying to change your outlook or get you to convert. I’m just saying that if I can bring a baby home to literally NOTHING in the nursery, then you don’t have to make sure every nook and cranny is fully outfitted 3 months before the baby arrives. You’ll have plenty of time to purchase stuff online when that newborn is napping.

4) Getting a wipes warmer.

Yes, a wipes warmer is an unnecessary indulgence. It is also the beginning of a horrible horrible first mom mistake. Let’s say your baby gets used to the warmth of a wipe whenever her diaper is changed. Then, let’s say, you find yourself in a scenario where you have to change your baby’s diaper out of your home, where warmed wipes are not an option. Then imagine that baby screeching at ear-piercing levels because she has never been shocked by a cold wipe on her bare bottom. Don’t invent an issue where none exists.

5) Not being familiar with all the characters in popular young adult fiction.

You may think you have the most original name in the world. Then you show up to your first day of ‘Mommy & Me’ and ten babies are sporting the same name. What happened??? You’ve accidentally named your baby after a main character from The Hunger Games.

6) Not taking advantage of sleep and free time pre-baby.

This is a tough one, I know. You are excited. You are stressed. You are uncomfortable. Sleep may not be easy to come by. But please, please, please, relax as much as you can. See every movie in the theater. Go to dinner with your spouse. Make time for your girl friends. I promise, you will wish you did more than paint your nursery and research epidurals online once the baby arrives.

Now, please. Get off Pinterest this weekend and go see a movie. Oh, how I miss movies…


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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