6 Must-Have Items for Your Newborn You Need To Buy

Just a few weeks ago I wrote this post; 6 must-have items you need for smooth sailin’ post-delivery for yourself. Yes, some of them may have been for your Little too but, really – it’s items that help you keep your sanity during the adjustment period as a new mom and well, things that make it easier.

Grayson is now just passed 3 weeks old and lately I’ve been getting the same question from expecting friends. Just what is the burning question? What can I really not live without during the first few weeks with a newborn? And here I am to answer that question!

After the jump, browse through a few of my favorite must-have items {Grayson’s too of course!} and see how they can make your life with a newborn easier too!

  • Stokke Bounce n’ Sleep 1 of 6
    Stokke Bounce n' Sleep
    A little piece of heaven. First, I love the sleek, modern and unique design and the very flexible concept of the daybed and bouncer! It's 2 pieces of perfection in 1! Whatever you baby needs, the Bounce n' Sleep can help you any way from napping to playful to just hanging out and watching the rest of the family - they have the security and comfort of being with you at all times and in many different ways. My favorite part? If I must pick something would be that when it's time to snooze you just recline the bouncer to sleep position without waking your babe. How? Well, the bouncer has a built in mattress which in 1,2,3 easily transfers into the daybed. Genius. I repeat, Genius. I told you, a little piece of heaven. Happy baby, happy mom!
    Buy it from Stokke for $200
  • Boppy Newborn Lounger 2 of 6
    Boppy Newborn Lounger
    You must go buy now! I just can't even explain how much we love this little guy. It is a very cozy, content and well, just perfect place to let your Little hang out and relax. The handle makes it easy for me to carry from room to room and the lightweight fabric is easy to just wipe off clean for those little spit-up messes. Seriously a must must must-have.
    Buy it from Boppy for $29.99
  • A Good Breast Pump 3 of 6
    A Good Breast Pump
    This is the first time I've been successfully with breastfeeding and I've learned one thing, just rent a hospital grade pump. #1: It will save you a lot of money. #2: It will save you a lot of time. #3: It will save you a lot less frustration. I went through probably 4 different hospital pumps before realizing, nothing was going to get the job done. Finally, once I was set-up with a hospital grade pump that I rented from my local hospital I was able to pump and actually getting a good amount of milk and NO frustration from pumping. I rented the amazing $3,000 Medela Symphony and can't say one bad thing about it.
    Get more info on how to rent from Medela
  • PUJ Tub 4 of 6
    PUJ Tub
    Grayson is little. Still just 6lbs and well, he isn't to fond of being cold. That is why the this is the perfect place to bathe my little guy. Sometimes my bathroom isn't the warmest place in the house so it is nice that he can curl up in the PUJ tub and feel a little bit cozy during bath time.
    Buy it from PUJ for $45
  • Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym 5 of 6
    Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym
    So, it might be to much during the first week home but as your baby gets more alert, a good play gym is a great thing to have around for tummy time and some stimulating activity. The siblings love watching their little sister or brother "play" too! I love the many options this mat offers and the design + style is a favorite of mine. It grows with baby too! The tummy time mat offers a matching pillow and very comfy quilted mat. It definitely well get your little one coo-ing and kickin'.
    Buy it from Skip Hop for $75
  • Burp Cloths 6 of 6
    Burp Cloths
    It's the little things. And well, I have found that having burp cloths around really help save the amount of times I am changing my little babe. They are great to have handy for every little mess. Like swaddle blankets, it's an item I definitely suggest stocking up on.
    Buy burp cloths from The Posh Pea Boutique for $25.50
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