6 Must-Have Items That Got Me Through My Third Trimester

With this being my third pregnancy in four years, it’s definitely taken a toll on my body. The third trimester has been the hardest as my belly gets bigger and the baby runs out of room. I often find myself having a hard time getting comfortable and it’s nearly impossible to do normal everyday tasks without my belly getting in the way somehow. I think it’s even tougher on my body because I can’t rest as much as I’d like to during the day. Avery, my 22-month-old, is very active and always running around. My 4-year-old has preschool every day, and living in New York City without a car means that we have to walk everywhere we go. By the end of the day, my body feels like it’s been put through the wringer and is incredibly sore. Thankfully, there are so many products on the market that can help ease some of these third trimester blues. There are several things that I couldn’t have lived without during this third trimester. Not only did they help make me more comfortable, but they also helped me experience these last few weeks of pregnancy so much more!

  • Water Bottle 1 of 6

    I find that I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. There is nothing that seems to make this better except water, so I always have a water bottle with me. It's important to stay hydrated, especially during those last few weeks. I love this water bottle because it has a filter already in it and I can fill it up no matter where I am.

    Get it from Target,  $12.99 

  • Heartburn Tea 2 of 6

    The heartburn that subsided during my second trimester came back in full swing during my third. I was in so much pain, especially at night. Each night before bed I would have a cup of this Organic Heartburn Tea so that it would ease the heartburn and help me get a good night's sleep. I love that it made of only natural ingredients so I know that it is safe to use during pregnancy. 

  • Body Pillow 3 of 6

    Sleep is hard to come by these days. Between the heartburn, aches and pains in my body, and not being able to sleep on my stomach (which I love,) I have been trying everything I can to get a full night's sleep. Thankfully, this body pillow and acid reflux system from Bump Nest has helped out tremendously. I've tried a lot of body pillows throughout my pregnancies and there is nothing like this one. The wedge pillow props you up to help prevent the acid reflux and the body pillow is so soft and comfortable. I won't be surprised if I am still using this long after the baby comes.

    Get it from Bump Nest, $199.00 

  • Back Support Band 4 of 6

    My belly is so much lower than when I was carrying my girls which has created pain in both my back and my pelvic area. There have been so many times that it hurts to walk because the pain is so excruciating. I tried on the Upsie Belly from Belly Bandit at a conference and was absolutely amazed at how it immediately provided relief. It's as if it lifted up my bump to help take away some of the heaviness and pressure it was putting on the lower half of my body.

    Get it from Belly Bandit, $69.95 


  • Leg Energizer Lotion 5 of 6

    I have horrible varicose veins on my right leg. Pair that with water retention and running after my two girls all around NYC and you get swollen and sore legs. This lotion was like magic when I put it on. It immediately provides a soothing and cool relief on my legs. It's the perfect thing to massage on your legs after a hard day on your feet.

    Get it from Mama Mio, $21.00

  • Belly Support Tank 6 of 6

    I used this Blanqi tank when I was pregnant with my youngest, Avery, and it was one of the first things that I pulled out when I found out I was pregnant again. I wear it underneath everything. Although it is great for all trimesters, the support that it gives during the third trimester is the best. It helps provide support all throughout your belly and your back. I love it because I can just wear it under my shirt and not worry about it for the rest of the day.

    Get if from Blanqi,$68.00

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