6 Natural Remedies To Curb Your Morning Sickness

6 Natural Remedies To Curb Your Morning SicknessWhen you’re first pregnant, one of the symptoms that you try to brace yourself for is the morning sickness. Not every woman will experience it at all and some will only have to manage it for a short amount of time, while others will find it be a big issue for their pregnancy.

If you’re looking for something to take the edge off the queezy and prefer to look for natural remedies, there are some that have been suggested by many as remedies. They may not work for every woman, but a few I have found comfort in myself and it may be worth a shot.

Click through to find out 6 natural remedies to curb your morning sickness:

1) Peppermint:  Peppermint tea and peppermint extract are two great ways to help settle your stomach. The calming herb is a common suggestion for those dealing with morning sickness in any form.

2) Ginger: Ginger is another good natural remedy for morning sickness. Ginger tea, ginger extract or ginger baked in foods has been suggested in place of medications for those looking for more a natural approach.

3) Lemon: Again, lemon can be used in many forms to help settle the stomach — tea, oil and even just smelling a lemon could curb the queezies in your stomach.

4) Eat Regularly: May seem kind of the opposite of what you would think since you’re sick to your stomach, but keeping food in your stomach by eating at regular intervals can help keep the queeze at bay.

5) Pressure Bands: Some people find comfort using drug-free pressure bands that are worn on the wrist and uses an acupuncture point to ward off the upset stomach.

6) More Sex?: I don’t know if this one is true, but a study came out that points to a decrease in morning sickness with an increase in oral sex…. read more about the interesting connection.

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