6 Realistic & Edible Baby Shower Cake Toppers (That Weird Me Out!)

by samsfamilytaste on Etsy

There are some people who really get into decorating and planning for baby showers. That’s not me, but mostly because I have a weird aversion to being the centre of attention and I am terrible at all things crafty.

I do however love cake and totally appreciate the imagination, talent and skill that goes into creating some of the most amazing and unique cakes that I’ve come across. I’ve seen cake that looks like diapers, cake that looks exactly like a stork and others that are just too realistic for my taste.

The wonderful world of Etsy brings with it the amazing talents of creative people all in once place. I was searching there a while ago and came across some baby shower cake toppers. There are some crazy talented people who can mould sugar into things I had no idea could happen. There are some adorable present toppers, baby animals and totally realistic looking baby gear. Then, I came across some that must have taken a crazy amount of skill to do… but they are so realistic, it creeped me out!

Click through to see 6 edible baby shower cake toppers that weird me out:

  • Baby Butt 1 of 6
    Baby Butt
    The talent that has to go into this design, I can't even imagine. But, it's just so real and... you eat it?
    Go get one from Dolcecreazione on Etsy!
  • Pregnant Doctor 2 of 6
    Pregnant Doctor
    Not totally realistic, but still quite great. How do you decide who eats this pregnant lady though?
    Go get one from SugarAndStripesCo on Etsy!
  • Out of Chocolate? 3 of 6
    Out of Chocolate?
    I had no idea you could be so creative with chocolate. I can't even draw a realistic-looking baby with pen... how do you make it with chocolate... and who eats it?
    Go get one from samsfamilytaste on Etsy!
  • BumbleBee Baby 4 of 6
    BumbleBee Baby
    Totally cute, beyond adorable and incredible craft work, but again so realistic.
    Go get one from DinasCakeToppers on Etsy!
  • Just. Too. Real 5 of 6
    Just. Too. Real
    I would swear this is a photo, but it's made from sugar. I can't get over having to bite into this and eating it...
    Go get one from DinasCakeToppers on Etsy!
  • Double Fluffy 6 of 6
    Double Fluffy
    Perfect for the family who are expecting twin girls. The ability to craft two of them that look so close together and with that quality blows my mind. Now you have to choose 2 people to eat them though.
    Go get one from DinasCakeToppers on Etsy!

Photo credit: samsfamilytaste on Etsy


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