6 Reasons I'll Tell People I'm Pregnant Before 12 Weeks

6 Reasons Not to Keep First 12 Weeks of Pregnancy a Secret

Before you get too excited, this isn’t me saying that I’m pregnant. BUT — I find out tomorrow if our first attempt at IVF was successful, and if there’s currently the earliest stages of life growing inside of me! The 11 days we will have waited for this news have surprisingly gone by fairly quickly — well, at least they haven’t felt quite as long as I thought they would.

Of course, I’m hoping for good news tomorrow. I know a lot of women are advised and/or choose to wait until after their first 12 weeks of pregnancy to tell others that they’re expecting. But that is so not going to be me. I’ll be reporting to my family and friends — and you all — almost just as soon as we find out.

After the jump, find out 6 reasons why I’ll spill the beans about my pregnancy before 12 weeks hits.

  • I Believe In Positive Energy & Prayer 1 of 6
    I Believe In Positive Energy & Prayer
    Since I made my journey to motherhood public this past April, I have received such an incredible outpouring of encouragement and support from other women who have dealt or are dealing with similar situations. And the great energy that comes from that has really helped me get this to this point. Sara and I have kept our prayers steady and strong these past few months, and if others continue to keep us in their prayers as well, only good can come.
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  • If I Get Bad Symptoms During The First Trimester, I Will Complain About Them 2 of 6
    If I Get Bad Symptoms During The First Trimester, I Will Complain About Them
    Someone told me the other day that if I vomit (an incredible and unfounded fear of mine) that it's a good thing because it means my hormone levels are healthy and things are going as they should. I don't know if that's true or not, and frankly, I find little comfort in it. I am scared to throw up. Yes, I know this is ridiculous. Yes, I know this probably means I will spend my entire pregnancy hugging the toilet bowl. Knowing how big of a baby I am when it comes to this, there is no way I wouldn't whine about morning sickness (should this actually happen).
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  • I Don’t Believe In ‘Jinxing’ 3 of 6
    I Don't Believe In 'Jinxing'
    I might be superstitious about some things, but I don't believe we can "jinx" anything. So I don't believe that telling others I'm pregnant before the 12-week mark will somehow force an unpleasant outcome.
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  • God Forbid Something Goes Wrong, I Will Lean On Others For Support 4 of 6
    God Forbid Something Goes Wrong, I Will Lean On Others For Support
    That being said, God forbid something does go wrong (even though it will have had nothing to do with my telling), I will turn to my family, friends, and readership for support. And I will certainly turn to my friends at Unspoken Grief, though I pray I will never have to.
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  • There Is NO WAY I’d Be Able To Keep It A Secret! 5 of 6
    There Is NO WAY I'd Be Able To Keep It A Secret!
    Let's be real: I would be WAY too excited to keep this quiet. Getting pregnant is something I've been trying very hard to make happen, and I will be bursting with joy to learn there's a little one growing inside of me and I like to share joy.
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  • Umm, Hello, This Is What I Blog About 6 of 6
    Umm, Hello, This Is What I Blog About
    Clearly, this is the most obvious reason I'd share the news. Sure, some things are sacred on this journey, like, well, umm... I'm sure there's something! But keeping my pregnancy a secret for the first 12 weeks is not one of them.
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