6 Reasons Why Having A Winter Baby Is Awesome

1. You’re a furnace not an air-conditioner

At the end of pregnancy you’re cooking. Literally, your body temperature is up and as long as you breastfeed that heat-generating combustion is going to keep going.  Breastfeeding mothers will crack a window in a blizzard. All that baby-growing and milk-making can be torture in the high heat of August. A nice crisp winter day, on the other hand, is just about right.

2. You can hibernate without guilt

What better time to ignore the rest of the world and go into hiding with your gorgeous newborn? It’s freezing out there. You should be in bed. In pajamas. Cooing with a divine soft little baby. Do your friends really expect you to take an infant out in this weather? Let them come to you. And bring some hot chocolate while you’re at it.

3. By the time you’ve got a handle on this parent thing, it’ll be … spring.

… and you can go out galavanting with your plump, twelve week-old baby nestled in a nice cotton sling. You’ll know how to nurse discretely in public or otherwise feed your baby without excessive drama. You’ll have the whole diaper bag fiasco sorted out. You’ll take long walks in the sunshine. Your body will have had time to heal and re-energize.

4. Babies fall asleep instantly when they are bundled up

If you do take your baby out in the cold, chances are good that he’ll fall asleep even before you get to the car. Once you get those layers on, and the big puffy sleeping bag zipped up over him, he’ll probably conk out. Even when you’re inside, it’s nice to be able to swaddle a baby up and not worry about overheating. Babies are not that into be completely naked and exposed; they tend to fling their limbs around and freak themselves out. Bundling up feels cozy and safe. When you put a baby in a carrier or sling, it will be warm and lovely rather than a sticky and sweaty.

5. No scorching hot car seats or fear of sunburn

Why are so many car seats black or dark gray? Those things soak up the heat in summer parking lot in no time. Eventually you’ll have to deal with this– there are things you can do to keep those heat-absorbent seats cool– but for now, who cares? That car seat is cold. And your baby is bundled up. Also, sunscreen is not recommended for tiny infants, but you don’t even need to know this.

6. Who needs long days, when your reality is one long night?

Newborns don’t know day for night at first. It takes a while for them to become diurnal– sleep at night, awake during the day. New parents are better equipped to handle what can be strange nocturnal, idiosyncratic sleep cycles if they are basically living in dark cave where time doesn’t matter. It’s easier to sleep in after a long interrupted night if it’s freezing and dim outside the window. It’s easier to go to bed early with your baby when it gets dark at 4:45pm. It’s easier to live in stretchy pajamas, and potter around drinking your uterine-toning red raspberry leaf tea if you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the perfect spring, summer or autumn day. Let’s face it, we all want to just stay in bed till April. You actually can.

photo: Ceridwen Morris

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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