6 Reasons You Know Morning Sickness Has Lasted Too Long

I’m only two weeks away from my third trimester, yet I’m still dealing with pregnancy side effects that were supposed to subside at the end of my first.  The morning sickness that graced me with it’s presence at week four of my pregnancy is still lingering as I am approaching the end of my 25th week of pregnancy.

I know that my morning sickness has long out stayed it’s welcome.  If you are wondering if your morning sickness has lasted too long, here are six ways you can tell.

1.  You get used to throwing up. It’s sad to say but each morning I wake up my first stop is to the bathroom to throw up.  It really has no effect on me any longer and it sadly has become part of my daily routine.  I have waited for the morning that I will wake up and not have that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach, but it hasn’t come yet.  I used to hate throwing up when I was growing up and I have become so accustomed to it now, that it hardly has any effect on me.

2.  Your kids start to mimic your gagging noise. My two year old daughter has my gagging noise down to a point.  She will sit next to be and almost copy the entire thing.  She really doesn’t like to leave my side when she sees me throwing up because she is concerned.  There are times when she will just laugh and make the noise as I’m going.  This only makes my husband laugh and my morning sickness soon becomes the family joke (which doesn’t bother me at all.)

3.  A certain food or medicine triggers your kids to ask you if your belly hurts. As soon as I get up in the morning I take my anti-nausea medication to combat some of the feelings I get.  I also drink a lot of gatorade because it seems to be the only drink that tastes good.  I guess my daughter has taken notice of these two things and has linked them to my morning sickness. The second I bring out the gatorade my daughter will ask, “does your belly hurt mommy?”  I could just want it for a drink and will still ask the question.  She also associates any medicine to having an upset stomach and will ask my husband if his belly hurts when he takes his medication.

4.  You have the nearest soup kitchen’s phone number memorized. One of my favorite parts about living in New York City is that you can get just about any type of food delivered to your door. This comes in handy when you are sick in bed with nothing to eat, but knowing you have to eat something.  Chicken noodle soup became my go-to food for about four weeks and I was always calling my favorite soup kitchen to bring me some.  By the second week I had the number memorized, knew exactly how to order the soup, and the delivery guys even started to recognize me.   They probably thought I was crazy, but I didn’t become embarrassed about this at all because it was helping me out tremendously and was just about the only food I could actually keep down.

5.  Throwing up no longer has an effect on anyone that is close to you. As much as I have gotten used to throwing up on a daily basis, I’m sorry to say that my family and close friends have gotten used to it as well.  I’ve never really asked for sympathy or expected it when throwing up because I knew that it was just another part of pregnancy.  If I am out at a friends house and feel the need to throw up I can quickly excuse myself, do what I need to do, and come back.  Many times it’s as if nothing has occurred.  Although they do not react to my morning sickness, they are gracious enough to offer me ginger ale and crackers when they know I am not feeling my best.

6.  You know where every bathroom and trash can is within a five block radius of where you live. I walk almost everywhere I go, so it’s necessary for me to know where the closest place I can gracefully (if you can call it that) throw up.  I could tell you where every public restroom and trash can is within blocks of my apartment.  I’m not even going to tell you how many times I’ve had to use the facilities, but let’s just say that I know where I need to go if the problem persists.

There is nothing fun about morning sickness, especially when it out stays it’s welcome. I am hoping that my morning sickness days are numbered, but if my first pregnancy is any indication (I threw up for over seven months,) I still have a little ways to go.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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