6 Sentences You Probably Only Ever Hear From Someone Who Is Trying to Conceive

6 Phrases Only Someone Who is Trying to Conceive Would Say via Babble.comThe decision to start growing your family and try to make a baby is an exciting one. It’s nerve-racking but the idea of being pregnant and having a baby in your arms soon just washes all that fear away.

Trying to conceive can be stressful itself, though, and it is quite a unique time in your life. You start paying attention to things you may not have noticed before (like weird ‘pangs’ before ovulation) and some not-that-common terms start to filter into your vocabulary. For my husband and yes, my family, these sentences are ones they have heard me say at least once & some more often than that, yet I don’t think anyone who is not trying to conceive would ever utter them.

Click through to read 6 sentences you probably wouldn’t hear unless that person is trying to conceive:

  • “Why does my luteal phase have to be so long?” 1 of 6
    "Why does my luteal phase have to be so long?"
    The luteal phase is the time between ovulation and when your next period is expected. Also known as the 2 week wait, it's a loooong time.
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  • “My cervix is nice and high today” 2 of 6
    "My cervix is nice and high today"
    When you're in your fertile zone, your cervix moves up way high and is softer and a bit more open. It's a good sign that you could be ovulating soon.
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  • “My thermometer is out of battery! The month is now pointless” 3 of 6
    "My thermometer is out of battery! The month is now pointless"
    The thermometer is vital for those who basal body temp their cycles. If you're midway through the cycle and your battery dies, changing it will have the later temps be wonky. It's better to use the same thermometer and battery if possible.
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  • “Lots of egg-white today” 4 of 6
    "Lots of egg-white today"
    Ah, cervical mucus. So important for fertility. When your cervical mucus is the same texture and consistency of egg whites, you're in a huge fertile zone.
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  • “I think I see a triphasic pattern!” 5 of 6
    "I think I see a triphasic pattern!"
    Another one for people who basal body temp is reading the signs. A triphasic pattern (when there are three levels of temps), it's a good indication that you're pregnant.
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  • “Guess it’s chore sex then” 6 of 6
    "Guess it's chore sex then"
    Ah, you know when it's so hot out you don't even want the blanket touching you it's likely not a day you will be intimate with your partner? If your fertile days fall on those way-too-hot days, that's going to be a "I don't want to do this, but have to" chore sex night.
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