6 Stylish Baby Cribs Under $200 – For the Pregnant Mom on a Budget

6 Stylish Baby Cribs for Under $200 - For the Pregnant Mom on a Budget
6 Stylish Baby Cribs for Under $200 - For the Pregnant Mom on a Budget

Project nursery has begun! But seeing that this is our 4th child, and with all of the purchasing we are having to do to give this new baby it’s own room – Project Nursery is going to be done on a budget!  One of the most expensive items typically in a nursery is a crib. For us, an expensive crib just isn’t an option. We need something stylish, functional and preferably under $200.  As someone who is picky about how this new baby’s nursery is going to look, style is of course a factor for me.

Our last crib for baby #3 was purchased online. Something to think about when purchasing a crib online is shipping. Cribs are HEAVY! There are a few picks in here from Amazon. What makes these selections even more affordable is the free shipping and in several states, no sales tax! The no sales tax automatically saves me here in Texas another $16.50 for a $200 purchase! Another perk from Amazon is the you may return eligible baby products (several cribs fall into this category, check before purchasing) in new and unopened condition within 365 days from the date of delivery for a full refund – Amazon won’t even charge you for return shipping (make sure to read details)!

Check out these fabulous cribs that are stylish and affordable, perfect for the pregnant mom on a budget – all under $200! 6 Stylish Baby Cribs Under $200 – For the Pregnant Mom on a Budget

1. BSF Baby Austin Espresso Crib and Changer

Espresso Crib and Changer - $198
Espresso Crib and Changer - $198

This darling modern Espresso crib is also a changer! At $198 from Amazon, you can’t beat this price. And to make the deal even more affordable, shipping is FREE!

2. BSF Megan Baby Crib in Cherry – $190

BSF Megain Baby Crib in Cherry - $190
BSF Megan Baby Crib in Cherry - $190

The BSF Megan Baby Crib comes in a cherry finish and is priced at $190. I love the lines on this crib. Not the traditional straight edge, giving you an upscale feel for an affordable price. This crib is a convertible crib, meaning it will serve you as a toddler bed as well as a headboard! Talk about multi-functional! Again, with Amazon selling this – you are able to get FREE shipping!

3. Dream On Me Classic Baby Crib – $129.99

Dream on Me Classic Baby Crib - $129.99
Dream on Me Classic Baby Crib - $129.99

This Dream On Me Classic Baby Crib is more on the traditional side, but what caught my eye was the price and this is available in black.  Black is a color I am considering adding in the nursery and loved how the style of this crib was complimented by the color. Though, if we opt for this crib, we will be losing the wheels. Wheels on cribs just aren’t cute too me. At $129.99 with free shipping from Amazon, this is a deal! This crib is also available in several other colors including cherry and white.

4. BSF Baby – 3 Piece Cabana Nursery Set – $199

BSF Cabana Nursery Set
BSF Cabana Nursery Set - $199

3 things attracted me to this set. 1. The espresso crib has solid sides, which I love.  2. The price, $199! and 3. This crib comes with a changing table AND a storage tower for the $199 price. This set is available at The reviews look like this is a good overall product. offers free shipping to stores, called Site to Store. In other words, you have to pick it up from a Walmart store, but don’t have to pay for it to ship!

5. Belle Red Mini Crib – $150

Belle Red Mini Crib - $150
Belle Red Mini Crib - $150

Note: This is a mini crib. Not your standard size baby crib. While the baby nursery room we have isn’t too tiny, it isn’t as large as I’d like. I would love to be able to place a cute glider or rocker in the room, but with a full size crib, changing table and storage – space is limited. What I love the most about this crib is the color. RED! If you are living in an apartment this baby crib would be ideal! is selling this – and shipping is only $2.95! Another great deal on shipping. We purchased a previous baby crib from Overstock as well as numerous other items. All times, Overstock has had great customer service when we needed it.

6. Ikea Somnat Crib – $99

Ikea Somnat Baby Crib - $99
Ikea Somnat Baby Crib - $99

This is the cheapest of the baby cribs as far as price, and to me the funnest of all 6! The Ikea Somnat crib comes in 3 colors, green (as shown) blue and pink!  I have made 3 trips to Ikea in the last month just to look at this. I’ve checked for safety. My 8 year old has climbed in it acting like a baby and the thing held up! While I am still not sure, this is the crib… I am leaning towards it – mostly because the color is so fun. The downside is if you don’t have an Ikea near you, this could make for an expensive road trip just to pick up.

Stay tuned. More Project Nursery On a Budget posts coming up…. with only 12 weeks left in this pregnancy, we need to boogey!

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