6 Tips for Announcing Your Pregnancy to Friends Struggling with Infertility

6 Tips for Announcing Your Pregnancy to Friends Struggling with InfertilityI never thought that I would be in this position 11 months later. I am still waiting for my turn to be pregnant and managing all the stresses that come with struggling with infertility. There is a lot of unknowns, uncertainty, and it’s not something I would wish on anyone.

One of the hardest parts of infertility, apart from all the unknowns and waiting, is managing all the emotions that come when friends announce their pregnancies. It’s hard when you’re conflicted between being happy for your friend’s great news and licking the wounds of your empty uterus.

It’s a part of life that those of us struggling with infertility have to face though, and it can become even more overwhelming with social media as your friend circle grows. If you find yourself pregnant and you have a friend who is struggling with infertility, there are some tips for announcing your news if you wish to keep your friendship in tact.

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  • Give Her Space 1 of 6
    Give Her Space
    BUT, only if she initiate it. It may take some time for her to digest the news and you should respect that space. Don't assume that she will want or need space though and distance yourself, leave that up to her and take her cues.
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  • Don’t Let Her Hear it From Someone Else 2 of 6
    Don't Let Her Hear it From Someone Else
    If you're really close friends, don't forget to tell her. Don't let her find out through a mutual friend or worse, a Facebook announcement.
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  • Don’t Apologize 3 of 6
    Don't Apologize
    Don't apologize for being pregnant to your friend struggling with infertility. She knows it's not like you did this "to her on purpose" and your fertility vs her struggles are not something to feel bad for. Pitty is not something a lot of people like to feel and so be careful not to put that on her.
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  • Don’t Wait Too Long 4 of 6
    Don't Wait Too Long
    Don't wait until she's wondering if you're pregnant or just bloated. Telling her early will allow her the space to digest and she won't have to be clued in from your growing belly.
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  • Don’t Assume She’ll Be Unhappy 5 of 6
    Don't Assume She'll Be Unhappy
    She may be upset, but don't take that personally. It's possible to be upset about the situation but still be happy for you. Your friends love you and don't not tell her because you think it will ruin your friendship.
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  • Tell Her in Private 6 of 6
    Tell Her in Private
    Don't make it a mass email or tell a whole crowd of people at once. Telling her in private will allow her the space to soak it in and not have to fake anything for a group of people.
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