6 Tips to Help You Budget for a New Baby

6 Tips to Help You Budget for a New BabyBabies can be expensive! Whether your pregnancy was planned or a happy surprise, there is no doubt you will likely at some point be a little stressed on how you will add another person to your monthly budget.

While we are planning on adding a fourth baby to our family (hopefully soon) we have already begun talking about how we will be able to accommodate our budget. Since we’re not pregnant yet we haven’t started implementing any changes yet, but with money it’s always best to plan ahead!

With some early planning and extra help from friends and family, budgeting for a new baby is not an impossible task. Click through to read 6 tips to help you budget for a new baby:

1) Be Picky, But Not All At Once: There are a lot of baby products available and it can be easy to get caught up in feeling like you need all of it. To stick to your baby budget, buy only the large items you need (like a safe car seat) and start purchasing when you’re pregnant. If you space out the big purchases, you won’t notice such a huge hit to your budget.

2) Start While You’re Pregnant: Don’t wait to stock up on baby items like diapers for when the baby arrives, start early. Each week buy a pack of diapers (if you’re using disposable) or a reusable diaper and continue to do so for each week. Alternatively, you could purchase a $10 gift card for yourself each week to a large department store. That way, when baby arrives you will have 36-40 weeks worth of savings to use up.

3) Cut Back at Home: If you are looking for ways to increase your baby budget, look at cutting back on some of the extras in the house. If you have the highest cable package or have a home phone on top of cell phones, look at shaving some of those expenses off the house budget. Cut back on lunches and dinners out and opt for shopping grocery sales and you’ll be surprised by how much you could save.

4) Test Drive Single Income: If you will be taking maternity leave, test drive what it will be like to live on a smaller monthly income. Doing so will help you manage easier when the baby comes and you won’t be hit with two life changes at once!

5) Coupons & Samples: Start collecting coupons and samples early. If you will be using disposable diapers, many hospitals give out samples and coupons can be found year round. Ask friends and co-workers to keep you in mind if they come across any baby-related coupons they won’t be using.

6) Lean on Friends: It’s amazing how much you can save for your baby budget when you lean on friends and family to help out. Ask around if anyone has a baby swing or baby clothes they’d be willing to let you borrow. Hand-me-downs are no big thing when it comes to newborn babies because they go so quickly often they’re only worn once or twice.

:: What tips do you have to help save for the new baby? ::

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