6 Tricks To Stay Hydrated During Pregnant

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Staying hydrated while pregnant should be easy, but for me…well, it is not. I am just about to enter into my 14th week of pregnancy and although many people find this to be the time where their annoying first trimester symptoms disappear, I am still stuck with mine. And with nausea and vomiting going strong, staying hydrated has become the key focus for me. Dehydration is not a good state for anyone, especially for pregnant women, it causes a whole host of issues for me.

You see, being dehydrated means my kidneys don’t work properly and I begin to make more kidney stones. (This happened last week, and I was also diagnosed with hydronephrosis of pregnancy — which I will explain later — but let’s just say that stuff is painful.) Dehydration can cause issues far beyond kidney stones too, which can risk the health of your unborn baby and/or yourself. According to Fox News, preterm birth, psychological disorders, and brain disorders are all risks linked to severe dehydration in pregnancy. When you’re battling nausea and vomiting, it can become more difficult to ensure you’re keeping up with your fluids and even more important to make sure that you do for the safety of yourself and your child.

Here are 6 tricks that I use to help make sure I stay well-hydrated during pregnancy:

1. I Take My Medication

In Canada, we have an approved drug just for nausea and vomiting in pregnant, and I’ve been taking it to the max dose since about 6 weeks pregnant.

2. I Don’t Exercise Too Much

Where I live, iI is hot and humid, and while  I am trying to make exercise an important factor in my pregnancy, I have to be aware of how much I am sweating and working — and I need to keep drinking through out my exercise routine.

3. Electrolyte Popsicles

There are still some days that, even with the medication, I cannot stomach much. On those days, water has trouble staying down so I turn to electrolyte posicles. They give me a good balance of all I need to help stay out of the danger dehydration zone.

4. Eat Ice Chips

I have a love affair with cold water, but sometimes it feels heavy on the stomach when I am nauseous. So I chew on ice chips. It helps me feel like I am eating something and get a good water intake.

5. I Line Up My Water

I have a set amount of water that I try to drink each day — and the colder the better for me — so I line them all up in easy-to-grab cups or bottles in the fridge for my daily intake. It’s also easier for me to keep track of how much I’ve had so far.

6. Eat Fruit Like A Boss

I love me some fruit, and it is the one thing I seem to be craving so I eat crazy amounts of it. Watermelon is one of my favorites and fresh fruits are also good ways to keep hydration up thanks to its high water content.

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