6 Types of People You Meet When You’re Pregnant

6 Types of People You Meet When Pregnant via Babble.comWhen you are pregnant there are some things that happen during that time that are like no other. Watching your body morph and change to accommodate a real, tiny person. Managing the symptoms that come along with it and of course feeling the baby move, which is my favorite part.

There are also some situations that come up that are like no other time. People calling to ask if you are feeling huge yet, waking up and finding that what fit you fine yesterday will no longer cover your entire stomach today and the people you come across.

There are 6 different types of people pretty much every pregnant woman will come into contact with at one point or another. Some are awesome to meet, but these six are not always fun to encounter, especially when you’re not expecting it.

Click through to see the 6 different types of people you meet when you’re pregnant & get prepared 😉 :

  • The Nosy Person 1 of 6
    The Nosy Person
    You will encounter a person who is going to ask you the most personal questions you can think of. Of course these questions will have no bearing on their life, but they still dig. Did you try to conceive, will you breastfeed, are you going to get that epidural?
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  • The Grossed-out Person 2 of 6
    The Grossed-out Person
    You will come across a person who is totally awkward and uncomfortable around pregnant people. S/he will not know where to look -- your huge belly or hello! breasts. They may say all the wrong things and just be awkward to be around.
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  • The Over-cautious Person 3 of 6
    The Over-cautious Person
    You will come across a person (or few) who is going to treat you like there is something wrong with you -- or like you're a little kid. They may continually remind you to sit down and put your feet up or take over any tasks you were doing.
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  • The Hurt Person 4 of 6
    The Hurt Person
    You may come across a person who just may come across as not interested. It may not be about you though, so be kind. They may be deep in the infertility cycle, grieving the loss of one of their own or struggling in some way.
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  • The Touchy Person 5 of 6
    The Touchy Person
    Every pregnant woman's favorite person to meet. They will come at you out of nowhere in the most random places. They will touch you like you're public property and even make awkward comments.
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  • The Scare-the-crap-out-of-you Person 6 of 6
    The Scare-the-crap-out-of-you Person
    The one we all dread coming across, but you will. This person will tell you story after story about their mother's, friend's sister who knows someone who had some really random and totally terrifying thing happen to them that one time.
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Photo credit:  Woman talking to friend / Shutterstock

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