6 Unexpected Reasons I Love Pregnancy #3

6 Unexpected Reasons I Love Pregnancy #3This pregnancy, as everyone always says, is different from my other two in so many ways.

I think that no matter what, after you are pregnant with twins, the next pregnancy will be a new experience. As it’s not my first time around, there are times where I find myself almost forgetting I’m pregnant. Which never happened before! Even when I’m sick or nauseous, I have to deal with it for an extended period of time so I’m like, “Meh. Where are my meds and the couch?”

Honestly, as hard as it can be to handle the pregnancy symptoms, solo parenting while my husband is gone, and dealing with a energetic, sassy 3-year-old, most days I love this experience. How can I not? It’s such a brief and amazing time. I missed my pregnancy so much after losing the boys.

There are some unexpected reasons why I love this pregnancy though, beyond the usual ultrasounds, heartbeats, and feeling cute. So let me share some of my more unusual loves with you all:

  • I’m ginormous and loving it. 1 of 6
    I'm ginormous and loving it.
    Large and in charge. I probably could pass for 5 months pregnant at this point. Maybe more. It must be a third pregnancy thing. Or having this so close to my last. And I love it. Maternity clothes, an explanation of why there are two completely clean plates in front of me at a restaurant, and no one asks why I look like I'm going to fall over on the floor and sleep. They all know.
  • I’m a med-taking pro. 2 of 6
    I'm a med-taking pro.
    I have a strict routine with my anti-nausea meds, along with a low dose of Tylenol for the headaches they cause. I don't stray from it even if I feel ok, because once it hits, it almost never goes away.
  • Calmer. Much calmer. 3 of 6
    Calmer. Much calmer.
    Knowing there was nothing I could do with losing my twin boys has made this pregnancy a bit more calm for me. I can start to stress, but the overall thought is, "It won't change what will or won't happen."
  • I feel pretty confident in my medical choices. 4 of 6
    I feel pretty confident in my medical choices.
    I've been such a basket case the past two pregnancies, but in all that I've gone through I've learned a lot about how the medical community works. This time around, I feel like I can ask things and get answers without being blown off or made to feel like I may have stayed up all night Googling myself into a diagnosis.
  • The sickness isn’t as bad. 5 of 6
    The sickness isn't as bad.
    Nothing could compare to how sick I was last time, or even with Bella. This time around I had my Zofran ready and knew what to do. Eat what I crave within reason and moderation, and then take it easy.
  • Bella’s age is such a joy to be pregnant at. 6 of 6
    Bella's age is such a joy to be pregnant at.
    Yes, 3 is a hard age to parent. Pregnant or not. But the excitement and questions that come from Bella about what's happening to me and a new baby on the way make it all worth it. What she didn't understand at 2 she gets at 3 and it's been so much fun to share this journey with her.

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