6 Ways Pregnancy Is More Like a Long-Lasting April Fool’s Joke

Happy April Fool’s Day! I hope if you get tricked, it’s in the spirit of fun today because there’s nothing worse than an April Fools’ Day trick gone wrong.

To celebrate this morning, I tricked my kids by changing the color of the milk in their cereal. Sure, not as pranky as other people may be, but I believe in the harmless fun of this strange day. I could have saran wrapped the toilet, but let’s be honest, it would be me cleaning up the pee and then the joke would really be on me.

While I am still waiting to see if I got pregnant this cycle, I was thinking about what it’s like to be pregnant and realized that pregnancy can feel like a long-lasting April Fool’s joke. Truly harmless things that are upsetting in the moment can feel like someone is playing a trick on us, but it’s really just another fun thing about being pregnant.

  • How Pregnancy is Like April Fools 1 of 7
    How Pregnancy is Like April Fools
    April Fool's Day jokes are harmless, but irritating and when you're pregnant, it's like nature is playing one long-lasting joke on you.
  • You’re Tired By Can’t Sleep 2 of 7
    You're Tired By Can't Sleep
    You've had a long day and you're counting down the moments to sleep. You finally are able to crawl into bed and that's when your mind decides to start worrying about every.little.thing. So, you're tired, but you can't sleep -- cruel joke!
  • Toothpaste or Something Else? 3 of 7
    Toothpaste or Something Else?
    There are a few things that look like toothpaste that certainly doesn't taste like toothpaste. Pregnancy brings with it weird taste and while you're brushing your teeth, you puke because it just doesn't taste right and you wonder, was that really toothpaste?
  • Someone Switched Your Wardrobe 4 of 7
    Someone Switched Your Wardrobe
    You wake up one morning and nothing fits. Did someone switch your entire wardrobe for similar things, but two sizes smaller? Nope, you're just pregnant.
  • That’s Not a Whoopie Cushion 5 of 7
    That's Not a Whoopie Cushion
    A whoopie cushion makes people giggle because you sit and they hear a fart. When you're pregnant, it's never to blame on a whoopie cushion, no matter how much you try to.
  • You Finally Get What You Want, Sort Of 6 of 7
    You Finally Get What You Want, Sort Of
    You're hungry and you want your must-have craving. You beg for your partner to get it, they take forever, you're starving, you finally get your meal and sit down. You take one bite and suddenly your stomach is full and you're done. It's like your stomach and mind playing tricks on you.
  • Erm, What Was That? 7 of 7
    Erm, What Was That?
    You have to cough, and you do -- and then you wonder what that warm thing is moving down your leg. Oh, you peed.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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