6 Ways to Find Calm In the Storm of Pregnancy

finding calm in the pregnancy storm
Finding Calm in the Pregnancy Storm

At 32 weeks pregnant, I am in waiting. My body is in high motion putting the finishing touches on my little babe  I’m taking this time to enjoy the calm before the storm.

The storm is here as we prepare for this new baby. Preparations aren’t just occurring in my pregnant body, each person I am responsible for is affected. Work is in it’s crazy season. The baby needs a room. The house needs repair. The laundry needs to be done. The kids need clothes. The dogs need a trip to the vet. And. And. And  The list does not stop – but it must.

This week I’ve purposely taken steps to de-stress. Last week’s scare with dehydration, had me in the hospital. That’s somewhere no one at 31 weeks pregnant wants to be. My blood pressure has been higher than norm. The nurse’s comment of “de-stress, I don’t want you on bedrest” put me into alter mode. I see the signs people, I’m forcing myself into calm!

CALM? What’s that? This is something that I am having to learn. The non-stop me and calm aren’t usually friends, but this week we’ve made peace.

Here are 6 Ways I’m Finding Calm in the Storm of Pregnancy

Go To Bed!

I’ve put myself in bed before 8 each night. While it may take me 5 hours to go to sleep, at least I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Sleeping In

While I may have problems going to sleep, and waking up 10 times to pee – I can sleep like its no one’s business. With the summer here, the husband typically takes the kids in the morning – allowing me an extra 45 minutes of rest.


Pregnancy Pedicures are the BEST!

I may have accidentally skipped the hardware store when I happen to drive by my favorite nail salon. Totally worth it.

A Good Book

My boss gave me the Duggars’ new book, A Love That Multiplies. My nose has been buried in reading how someone can make 19 kids work – hoping some of the advice will rub off as we raise 4.

Time with the Kids

While the kids are out of school  for the summer,  my work still continues. Without the worry of school work and related activities, we’re finding moments that we wouldn’t be able to have with our normal school year regimen.


Quiet time with God is my solace. Prayer helps me focus on what’s important and releases the burdens that my heart may have.

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How Do You Find Calm in the Storm?







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