6 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When Pregnant

Beat The Heat

Hot, humid, sticky, end of third trimester and EW! Summer is officially here in Canada and the US, right? Is it as scorching everywhere as it is here?

No one is as hot as us expectant momma’s, nope. NO ONE. Sure, having a/c helps, if you are inclined to stay indoors all the time. Obviously this just does not jive if you are still working, have other kids to run around with…y’know live life.

As I enter my 37th week of being pregnant, 90 degrees is SO not my friend. Never-mind the body, it does something to the brain. Yesterday, for example, the mister and I were on the road for most of the day in our little sporty mazda (we are both giants with him at 6″4 and me at 5″11), with a busted a/c. Driving out of town and back, to our midwife appointment and doing some serious mini-van comparison shopping, it was a doozy of a day.

Right. Back to the brain possession induced by heat. As I became overwhelmed and in less than helpful gridlock, after a couple of hours cramped in the car, suddenly my brain hazed over and I became irrationally intolerant.

As in I demanded the manling stop dead in traffic at a shiny Starbucks up ahead to get me something frozen. In all seriousness, daring him in my mind to say no. Without going into the gory details, it I, was not pretty. I even tweeted his epic failure. Gonzo. Somewhere in the back of my mind knowing that what I was asking of him was illegal, I simply did not care.

At any rate, it only got worse and all I can say is baby – I’m sorry, the heat makes me go all vamp. Maybe not the smartest day trip to plan given all the circumstances.

Now, at home in my cozy office bed, with the a/c pumpin’, I share with you my top 6 ways to stay cool this summer. I hope and pray you have a/c. These here are some other ways I have found to be very helpful in keeping things nice and sane.

  • Swim Mama Swim! 1 of 6
    Swim Mama Swim!
    Or float luxuriously. Your sciatic nerve will thank-you. Run (okay, hobble) through the sprinkler on the super-hot days, with the kid(s).
  • Rock The Mumu’s 2 of 6
    Rock The Mumu's
    Wear thin, breathable fabrics (polyester be gone, bamboo and natural cottons). Heat rash in the nether regions is not pleasant.
  • Be That Person 3 of 6
    Be That Person
    Carry a water-filled squirt bottle with a few drops of cooling essential oils (like peppermint or eucalyptus) so that you can mist yourself or anyone who annoys you.
  • Stay Hydrated 4 of 6
    Stay Hydrated
    Drink water like nobody's business and add some electrolyte bevvies to that mix as well. Especially when outdoors.
  • Eat Cool Foods 5 of 6
    Eat Cool Foods
    Watermelon, popsicles, frozen drinks, frozen grapes and herbal iced teas should be a staple. Babble recipes: 10 Refreshing Ways To Beat The Heat.
  • Soak Your Feet 6 of 6
    Soak Your Feet
    Cool foot baths with a few drops of lavender and tea tree oil, peppermint foot gel and spray = bliss.

What are you doing to keep cool/sane?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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