6 Ways to Make Life With A Newborn Easier

Right after a grad school friend had her first baby, she told me that one of the things she had to get used to was that there were some days when she just wasn’t going to get anything done, including brushing her teeth.

Every mom out there is now nodding her head in agreement.

The first weeks with a new baby are chaotic (and I mean that in the best possible way). New parents are exhausted, frazzled and operating on a steep learning curve as they try to assimilate all the needs and preferences of this new person in their world. The tasks of caring for the baby often outweigh the tasks of basic living and a whole day can pass in a blur. Before you know what happened, it’s dinner time and the fridge is empty, you’re almost out of wipes, and you’re pretty sure you forgot at least three important things that you really meant to do that day.

As blurry and chaotic as the first weeks with a new baby are, there are things that will still have to happen, like eating, shopping, and paying bills. In this digital age of ours, we have the luxury of making some of those things happen with the push of a button. Here are my suggestions for taking the thinking out of the first weeks of parenthood:

  • Diaper Delivery 1 of 6
    Diaper Delivery
    This is the one thing I tell all pregnant moms: both Amazon and have subscription services for sending you diapers on your schedule. You can set up brand, size, and frequency preferences and voila! Diapers arrive at your door like magic! I did this until my son was potty trained and it was fabulous We always had diapers on hand, which was especially great when I had to bring new ones to daycare unexpectedly.
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  • Automated Bill Pay 2 of 6
    Automated Bill Pay
    Listen, I know you're smart and have been managing your finances just fine for years but the new baby will suck the Type A brain right out of your head. Take the time before your little bundle arrives to set up automatic payments for utilities and and other creditors. Trust me, you don't want the power getting cut off because you were too sleep deprived to pay the bill.
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  • Grocery Delivery 3 of 6
    Grocery Delivery
    Sometimes, the grocery store can be a much needed change of scene for a new mom. Sometimes, it's an overwhelming chore that is beyond a new mom's reach. When that day rolls around, don't tell your husband the only milk for his coffee is breastmilk. Set up an account and list of staples with a grocery delivery service so you can get basics delivered with only one click.
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  • Prescriptions By Mail 4 of 6
    Prescriptions By Mail
    Mail order prescription services are awesome for making sure your older child has a fresh asthma inhaler when he needs one. Bonus, many insurance plans offer cheaper rates for mail-order refills.
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  • Make Your Smartphone Show How Smart It Really Is 5 of 6
    Make Your Smartphone Show How Smart It Really Is
    That iPhone has all those calendar and reminder features for a reason. Make it tell you when your baby's next pediatrician visit is or when your mother-in-law is coming to visit.
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  • Let Your Freezer Do The Cooking 6 of 6
    Let Your Freezer Do The Cooking
    Take some time to stock up on frozen meals at your favorite grocery store or go to one of those meal prep places and fill up the freezer that way. A little planning in the final month of pregnancy can save the whole family from Cereal for Dinner Week later.
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