6 Ways Your Significant Other Can Make Pregnancy More Bearable

There’s something inherently unfair about pregnancy. My body is undergoing all kinds of crazy changes, I feel sick, tired, emotionally unstable all the time. My husband feels physically the same. I’m sure he’s feeling some mental/psychological changes, especially the annoyance that his wife wants to go to sleep at 9 on a Friday night, but his body is the same.

To my husband’s credit, he has done a lot of really nice and helpful things during these first few months. He has taken over all cat litter duties (which he has to, but I’ll still give him credit), he did the laundry last week, he has gotten up early a few mornings to feed the cats so I don’t have to. So even though he may not feel different, he is doing things differently, and I appreciate them.

Like most significant others, he is imperfect. And it is from watching the things he has and hasn’t done that I realized that there are a number of things that a significant other can do to make pregnancy, at least early pregnancy since that’s all I know, a little more bearable. None of these are life altering changes, in fact, most of them are pretty small and simple. But at least in this house, they make a pretty big difference.

  • Manage Breath Smells 1 of 6
    Manage Breath Smells
    I assume that most of your significant others brush their teeth twice a day and that is usually more than sufficient for breath control. But lately, I have had serious difficulty with my husband's breath. Sometimes it's coffee breath, other times garlic, sometimes it's not anything identifiable. It's not that he's not keeping up good dental hygiene, it's that my nose is unbelievably sensitive to smells right now. My husband has been really great at accepting (polite) offers for breath mints and that has gone a long way to helping my sneak attack nausea.
  • Flexibility with Meals 2 of 6
    Flexibility with Meals
    There have been times where I have bought all the ingredients for dinner, have planned which days I'm going to make which meal and then discover half way through the day that there's no way I can eat what I was planning to make. Maybe it's just me, but one way my significant other makes my life easier right now is being flexible with dinner plans. Sure, I bet he'd prefer not to get his hopes up about one meal and have it switched, but his being understanding that it's out of my control and way more unpleasant for me is a huge help. The same goes for eating the same meal a couple of times in a few weeks because it's the only thing that sounds edible.
  • Helping Around the House 3 of 6
    Helping Around the House
    I know I'm no innovator with this suggestion. The fact is that pregnancy causes fatigue that cannot be described in words. Most days I feel like I have been hit by a semi and then dragged for several miles before going to work. So at the end of the day or on the weekends, there just isn't the same kind of energy that there once was. I'm not asking your significant others (or mine) to do all the housework, but helping with things here and there like switching loads of laundry and picking up one or two extra chores can make a huge difference.
  • Don’t Assume Everything is Hormones 4 of 6
    Don't Assume Everything is Hormones
    This one is a huge struggle in my house right now. My husband assumes that every time I'm frustrated or upset that it's because of hormones. FALSE. Sometimes I'm frustrated or upset because something is going wrong, sometimes it's because my husband is being frustrating or upsetting (impossible, right?). I think that a huge thing that significant others can do is not minimize feelings because they know our hormones are kind of crazy right now. These are still our feelings, they are very real to us and whether they're caused by you being a jerk or by our hormone levels being totally crazy, you should still acknowledge how we feel, not minimize. (end rant)
  • Help Clean Out the Fridge 5 of 6
    Help Clean Out the Fridge
    I can't speak on behalf of all women, but I cannot handle my fridge right now. The smells and the leftovers that are aversions are enough to literally make me sick. It's like a field of land mines. One of the most helpful things my husband has done during pregnancy is help me clean out the fridge. I stand about 5 feet away, plug my nose and say yes or no on whether to throw something away. It only takes about 5 minutes, but boy does it ever make a difference.
  • Listen To Cravings 6 of 6
    Listen To Cravings
    This one is in no way mandatory, but it sure is nice. My current and only craving is for Icees. I don't know why, but it is. And several times my husband has either bought them for me or pointed out when one is available. Yes, my blood sugar is significantly higher those days, but that little act of kindness really goes a long way in making life a little better these days.

These are my top 6- what things can/does your significant other do to make pregnancy a little easier on you?


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