6 Weeks Pregnant: Stats and Symptoms

6 weeks in people! Morning sickness has kicked in big time, at 6 weeks on the dot. I woke up that morning and had to take a Zofran just to make it out of bed.

This week I go in to the local birthing center that also happens to be one of the biggest midwifery schools in the country. If you followed along with the twins, you know I had a midwife who worked at the hospital before, but this time I really don’t want to go anywhere near a hospital if I don’t have to, and so I’m going to try my hardest to choose a different route so I’m not so anxious and stressed out. I don’t know if they’ll take me with 2 past high risk pregnancies and the loss, but I really don’t want to go to the hospital. Any of them.

And so here are some of the things that have gone on this week:


How Far Along: 6 weeks 2 days

Size of baby: Sweet Pea!

Sleep: Ok – if I forget to take Zofran I wake up in a panic with super odd thoughts of things I need to get done. Like at 2am. But that happens when I have the flu too so it must just be me. Crazy me.

Total Weight Gain: Yeah, we’re not going there yet.

Symptoms: Ah, the sickness is here. Luckily with two Zofran a day it’s under control right now. The food aversion is NOTHING like what I had with the twins, although leftovers make me want to barf.

Movement: Nope!

Maternity Clothes: Everything but the tops.

Go-to eats: Grapefruit juice (yep, just like before), anything cold, salad.

Best moment of the week: Having so many of you start to announce pregnancies as well. It’s fun to know who’s along for the ride with you!

Gender: I keep thinking of this one as a girl, but Sam is convinced it’s a boy. And either way we really don’t care as long as it’s healthy.

What I wish people knew: I just want one, healthy, full term baby. I’m not hoping for twins again because I would probably have the same outcome.

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing a midwife at the local birth center next week. Because unless I’m in a coma, you won’t get me to go to a hospital again after last time.

Milestones: Baby got it’s real set of kidneys this week. Hey now – that’s pretty amazing.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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