7 Most Annoying Things To Say To A Pregnant Woman

There is nothing more beautiful then a glowing pregnant woman. I always smile when I see a woman walking with life growing in her — has to do with my crazy baby fever. Pregnant women seem to be a walking billboard for attention though, even when not wanted.

Something about the round belly and glowing skin that makes people lose their ‘society filter’ and people talk before the think. There are some questions and statements that seem universal for a pregnant woman to hear — some of them are cute but there are some that are annoying!

Click through for the top 7 most annoying things to say to a pregnant woman:

  • When Are You Due? 1 of 7
    When Are You Due?
    Really a harmless question but one that pregnant ladies get asked constantly. It gets tiring after a while.
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  • Do You Know What You’re Having? 2 of 7
    Do You Know What You're Having?
    This question is asked of pregnant women all the time but the answer is always and forever going to be the same. "Yes. A Human."
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  • You Look Ready To POP! 3 of 7
    You Look Ready To POP!
    One of those "polite" ways of telling a woman she looks huge. Especially annoying if she's only in her 6th month and has much more growing to do.
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  • Oooh, You Look Tired. 4 of 7
    Oooh, You Look Tired.
    This, by rule, should never be said to anyone. All you're doing is basically telling the person they look like crap. So, unless you'd actually say that -- don't say this.
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  • Not Much Longer Now! 5 of 7
    Not Much Longer Now!
    What if it is much longer? That statement is so annoying and women usually hear that in their 6th or 7th month when there is no mistaking she's pregnant -- but still has months to go.
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  • Oh, Sleep Now, While You Can! 6 of 7
    Oh, Sleep Now, While You Can!
    Totally backwards logic because it's not like you can save up your sleep minutes for the newborn stage. If anything, you should get less sleep now to prepare.
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  • Are You Sure It’s Not Twins? 7 of 7
    Are You Sure It's Not Twins?
    OOH, code for 'man you are REALLY huge'. This is one of the most annoying things to say -- the added "are you sure" is like the final kick.
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:: What do you think is the most annoying thing to say to a pregnant woman? ::

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