7 Biggest Baby Naming Mistakes

You named me WHAT?!

Bestowing a name upon a human being, a name that this person will have to live with for the duration of their life, a name you will shout thousands of times, is not an easy task.

There are several mistakes parents often make that can result in a lifetime of misery for the child.  Need I remind you of Baby Names So Lame They’re Against The Law?

Admittedly, those are some worst case scenario names… Still, parents can screw in subtle ways, saddling their offspring with a handle that might even make Alicia Silverstone’s Bear Blue cringe.

As the Huffington Post reports, if you’re choosing a baby name for the first time, don’t make one of these seven common mistakes:

1. Don’t name your baby that one name you’ve loved since you were ten.

Name tastes have changed radically over the last decade or two. Names that were popular when you were a kid just doesn’t have the same status.  The big name for boys when I was 15?  Jayden. I have two friends that named their boys Jayden. Hey, what do you know?  That is currently the most hated boy’s name.  Just remember, if that name you always loved has suddenly become uber-popular or clashes with your new last name, let it go.

2. Don’t get all worked up about your kid getting teased for a unique name.

Playground rules have changed.  Kids’ names are unique and varied and they don’t get teased so much for unique names.  Still, don’t get too crazy.

3. Letting your parents have too much say in the baby’s name.

The person who changes the diapers at 3 a.m. gets to name the baby.  Period.

4. Say the name out loud with your last name.

Be careful with how it’ll fit with your last name.  If your last name is Hunt, for example, don’t name your kid Michael.  Because he’ll likely get called Mike.  Say Mike Hunt five times in a row and you’ll get my drift.

5. Caring too much about how cool the name choice makes you look.

Putting a name’s cool factor above all else makes you less cool, dude.  Bronx Mowgli is better as a borough of the greatest city in the world and a Jungle Book character is all I’m sayin’.

6. Not considering subsequent children’s names.

Huffington Post makes a good point.  “First-time namers are likely to think about, well, their first child’s name, but if you name Baby No. 1 Tallulah, then you pretty much rule out Lula, Lila, Delilah, Sula, Tally and maybe even Louis for subsequent children.”

7. Not realizing that there’s going to be a real live baby … and child … and, eventually, grownup on the other end of the naming decision.

It’s not all about you!  It can be surprising when baby comes and begins asserting her own needs and personality. Try to keep that little (and eventually big) person in mind when you choose the name she’ll live with forever.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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