7 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Non-Pregnant Friends During Your Pregnancy

how to annoy your non pregnant friends via babble.comI am not trying to be a super downer, but with my recent miscarriage, I am left a little bit hormonal and things are bothering me more than they may on any ol’ average day.  I have noticed some things more than usual since I am now in the age group where many of my friends are getting married and pregnant and they seem to be popping up everywhere.

Like I said, I am a bit more touchy lately, but there are some sure ways to annoy your non-pregnant friends during your pregnancy. It’s even easier to do now that social media is a huge part of nearly everyone’s life and it becomes easier and easier to share. I have been guilty of a few of these in the past, but I am going to be very careful in the future if I am able to carry a pregnancy because I know how much these bother me right now.

Although people may not say it to you, pregnant over-sharers can be annoying — especially when it’s not something you are seeking out (like, reading Being Pregnant — it’s our job over-share 😉 ), but when you’re just browsing through your social media pages and you’re hit with pregnant lady after pregnant lady — there are some very common things they do (more so via social media) that just annoy the socks off people.

Click through to read 7 easy ways you can {or do} annoy your non-pregnant friends while you’re pregnant:

  • Talk About All the Bad Things You’re Doing 1 of 7
    Talk About All the Bad Things You're Doing
    We get that not all those pregnancy 'rules' are as strict as they may be made to seem, but some things like smoking (& to some people, drinking) make it seem like you don't care about your growing baby. If you don't want the flack, don't talk about it. If you're open to the questions, then go ahead.
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  • Talk a Lot of TMI 2 of 7
    Talk a Lot of TMI
    Some things like HOW your baby was made are a bit too much info. I mean, we get it, but we don't need all the details. Same with how you pooped blood and thought it was important for all of us to know... it's not.
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  • Invite Them to Everything 3 of 7
    Invite Them to Everything
    Want a baby shower? Have one and we're happy to attend! Just don't invite us to a "yea, we're pregnant party" then a "what is the gender? party" than a "baby shower party" and a "meet and greet" after ... it's too much!
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  • Talk About Yourself 4 of 7
    Talk About Yourself
    We get that this is a huge and exciting time in your life and we do want to hear about it. We just don't want to hear about it all.the.time. We would love to talk about ourselves during the conversation, too. You're not the first and only pregnant person ever.
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  • Brag About Your Little Weight Gain 5 of 7
    Brag About Your Little Weight Gain
    There is so much emphasis on weight during pregnant. We don't want to hear you brag about how you barely gained anything, or complain that you gained one pound or that you feel huge when you're still smaller than us.
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  • Complain. All.The.Time 6 of 7
    Complain. All.The.Time
    Pregnancy symptoms can be totally crappy, but we don't want to hear about it all the time. If all you ever have to say is how crappy it is or you're constantly counting down to when you're 'finally done' -- tone it down a bit.
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  • Facebook Friends? 7 of 7
    Facebook Friends?
    Another super easy way to annoy us is to send us a friend request for your not-yet-born baby. We will totally think you're creepy and over the top for sure.
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