7 Foods to Help Pregnancy-Related Constipation

It happens to nearly every pregnant woman but none of us like to talk about it. Constipation. As much as you want to go to the bathroom, sometimes you just can’t. It’s a natural, if unpleasant, part of pregnancy caused by your digestive process slowing down so you can get all the nutrients out of your food to better nourish you and baby. But a stopped-up GI tract can make you feel bloated and awful! Before you reach for the laxatives and stool softeners, try adding a few of these healthy foods to your diet to keep everything moving along in there!


  • Dried Apricots 1 of 7
    Dried Apricots
    Dried apricots, like prunes, can get a slow bowel picking up speed in no time. They also have the iron pregnant women need.
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  • Beans 2 of 7
    Beans, beans, the musical fruit! We all know beans have a remarkable effect on our tummies. Let them work their magic on yours!
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  • Berries 3 of 7
    Fresh berries have plenty of the belly-soothing fiber that will get things moving plus all the antioxidants and vitamins an expecting mommy can ask for. Bonus: yummy!
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  • Brown Rice 4 of 7
    Brown Rice
    Healthier than white rice and tasty as a side dish, brown rice is another great fiber booster.
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  • Pears and Other Whole Fruits 5 of 7
    Pears and Other Whole Fruits
    Fruit is a great source of fiber for the tummy, plus it's filling, portable, tasty, and the juiciness helps with hydration (though it doesn't replace plain old water).
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  • Popcorn 6 of 7
    Another excellent source of fiber. Sadly, the awesome movie threatre butter isn't a healthy choice but a little salt or some seasonings make this a nice treat!
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  • Walnuts 7 of 7
    Nuts are high in fiber and healthy fats. A terrific snack on the go!
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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