7 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Pregnant Stomach

When you’re pregnant and you’re starting to ache from carrying around the baby who is growing daily and changing your body, it can get uncomfortable fast. When you’re nearing the end, it can feel like you’ve been pregnant forever and you may be more than ready to welcome that babe into your arms and return to a more comfortable state.

I say, why not have fun with that big, beautiful belly while you have it? I miss being pregnant so much and there are some things you can do to have some fun with your new shape that you can’t really do when you’re not pregnant.

  • Fun Things to Do With Your Pregnant Belly 1 of 8
    Because it's temporary and you should have fun with it.
  • Do a Belly Cast 2 of 8
    Keep a reminder on how much your body changed and do a belly cast while you're pregnant.
    Check out these belly casts on Etsy
  • Do a Henna Tattoo 3 of 8
    They are semi-permanent and you can get some pretty awesome designs done on your belly.
    Check out these Henna tattoos on Etsy
  • Use It As a Table 4 of 8
    It makes a great table when you're tired of holding your bowl of ice cream.
  • Artistically Paint It 5 of 8
    You can get away with it when you're pregnant and it could make for some great photos.
    Check out these painted bellies and get a kit from Proud Body
  • Dress It Up 6 of 8
    You can use the bump as a prop for your costume and really step up the game.
  • Have a Photoshoot 7 of 8
    You may feel like you're huge and you don't want to document it, but it's part of the fun of having a pregnant belly -- those fun photos.
  • Decorate With Stickers 8 of 8
    I don't know if I would do this, but using stickers to decorate your belly for a photoshoot would be fun.
    Check out these pregnant belly stickers on Etsy

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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