7 Gift Ideas for Second or Third Baby Showers

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Six years ago, when I had my second child, 2nd baby showers were pretty rare. It was still thought to be in poor taste to celebrate a second pregnancy since Mom and Dad should have all they need to begin with.

I didn’t always understand that — I mean, isn’t the celebration mostly for the baby? Either way, since then 2nd or 3+ baby showers have become more accepted. Some are still the traditional bring-gifts-for-baby before it’s born shower, but there’s been an increase in other types of celebration-showers for babies.

We now have gender-reveal parties, meet-and-greet parties, ultrasound parties, etc. I think that it’s near safe to say that having a traditional baby shower for your subsequent children is okay now.

While the parents may have the main gear they need for the baby, there are some gifts that would be great ideas for those second-plus baby showers if you think a little outside the traditional box of baby stuff.

Have fun clicking through these 7 gift ideas for a second or third baby shower and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


When mom has a new baby and dad is busy taking care of her and getting to know his new child, cleaning is the last thing anyone should worry about. Gifting a cleaning service is a practical gift that would make a world of help.


Help mom and dad get the chance to spend some special time with their new babe by gifting some babymoon plans. Book them a hotel room for the night with babysitting for the older kid(s) in place and give them that precious bonding time.


When my kids were little, I could never keep track of all their clothes. They grew out of it so quickly and that’s why a hand-me-down clothing party would be a great idea for the parents who have a child already. Bring your old baby clothes that they can go through and use what they need — it’s beneficial for everyone involved.


Having more than one child brings a new set of gear that will help make life a little easier. I used my double stroller and baby wrap all the time and it would make a great gift for the second plus baby shower.


Whether the family uses reusable or disposable diapers, you can never really have too much — and you need more likely no matter how many kids you have (or at least a new pattern for the reusable ones). Bringing gifts of diapers is something the family can use and will need — just be sure to ask if they’re planning cloth or disposable diapers.


Thinking outside the box of gifts for baby, portraits is the gift you can utilize over and over with gorgeous artwork. Pool together with friends or give a gift certificate for a local portrait studio and the new mom can enjoy the gift for years to come.


Every new mother needs to take time for herself, whether she has one kid or more. The gift of a spa day (with babysitting included) that can be used before or after baby is born will be a very helpful and welcome gift.

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