7 Holiday Gifts NOT to Get Pregnant Women

With this being my second pregnancy during the holiday season, I’ve had several people ask me what to get the mom-to-be on their list. It can be a little more difficult to shop for an expectant mom during the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be. I gave you several great gift ideas for the pregnant woman, but there are also many gifts that you should not get her this holiday season.

The most important thing is to remember is that although she may be expecting a bundle of joy soon, you still need to treat her just like a regular woman. Don’t let the pregnancy steer your decision on what to put under the tree this holiday season. I’ve picked seven gifts to share with you that I would never want to receive as a pregnant woman this holiday season.

  • Gym Membership 1 of 7

    She might be itching to get into the gym to lose the baby weight after the little one is born, but don't remind her of it during the holidays. Unless she specifically asks for this, a gym membership is something to steer clear of this holiday season.


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  • Baby Clothes 2 of 7

    It's a nice gesture to think about the upcoming arrival during the holiday season, and some moms-to-be might want to receive some baby gear for the holidays. But save the baby clothes gift for the baby shower or when the baby arrives, and try to focus the gift on the woman.


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  • Pickles and Ice Cream 3 of 7

    It might be her most craved item and will be a good gag gift, but as for a serious gift, stay away from the pregnancy cliches for holiday gifts. 


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  • Wine Gift Basket 4 of 7

    Don't remind her that she's had to miss out on the wine for the past nine months, even if it's a great bottle of wine that she can have to celebrate the baby's arrival. Having a bottle of wine around when you can't have it is torture!


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  • Muumuu 5 of 7

    Don't get her non-maternity clothes for the holiday season. In fact, the muumuu is quite possible the worst non-maternity clothing item you can get her. It's not attractive on anyone, pregnant or not. 


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  • Scale 6 of 7

    I dread getting on the scale every time I go to the doctor, much less at home. No one wants to be reminded how much weight they are gaining in a short amount of time. 


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  • Reacher 7 of 7

    I might not be able to tie my shoes and am finding it increasingly difficult to pick up things off the ground. I know that I've made it clear to everyone how difficult seemingly everyday tasks are getting as my belly gets bigger. But that is no excuse to get me a reacher. Not ever. 


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