7 Gorgeous Fertility Bracelets

7 Gorgeous Fertility BraceletsI have been trying to conceive for over a year now and I’m looking into other ways to help increase our chances.

We’re already on fertility medication, using basal body temperature, and we’re aware of our fertile window and we take advantage of it. I am also on a metabolism-boosting diet that ensures I eat regularly and reduce carbohydrates.

I wonder if there is more that I could be doing though. While I am not really one to read into the benefits of gemstones and fertility items, I’ll admit that I do have a fertility statue in my room and I have put it out each time we’ve expanded our family. So, I believe in it to some degree.

I have heard of using gemstones to boost fertility and came across these gorgeous bracelets on Etsy. Many of them utilize the same gemstones and charms, but each has their own thing that makes them gorgeous.

  • Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Opalite 1 of 7
    Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Opalite
    The three gemstones are said to be good for female fertility, booting energy and increasing sex drive.
    Get one for yourself from GemstonesAndDesires/Etsy, $16.44
  • Passion and Fertility Bracelet 2 of 7
    Passion and Fertility Bracelet
    This bracelet increases passion and sex drive while increasing energy. It's got a gorgeous fertility goddess on there as well.
    Get one for yourself from LifeForceEnergy/Etsy, $29
  • Fertility Blessing 3 of 7
    Fertility Blessing
    Has the powerful gemstones rose quartz and moonstone beads as well as the turtle which has been a symbol for fertility and protectiveness.
    Get one for yourself from FertilityBracelet/Etsy, $24
  • Fertility, Healing Gemstone Bracelet 4 of 7
    Fertility, Healing Gemstone Bracelet
    Used to promote fertility using the common gemstones with added healing potential.
    Get one for yourself from RainbowMoonDesigns/Etsy, $10.18
  • Sterling Fertility Charm 5 of 7
    Sterling Fertility Charm
    Complete with a Rose Quartz, Crytal Quartz, Freshwater Pearl and Believe Charm -- this bracelet provides many areas for fertility
    Get one for yourself from InJewels/Etsy, $31.99
  • Positivity Fertility Bracelet 6 of 7
    Positivity Fertility Bracelet
    According to the etsy seller the elephant "has long been a symbol of love and virility. The elephant also symbolizes fertility because Buddha is said to be conceived when he entered his mother's womb as a white elephant."
    Get one for yourself from TheFertileGarden/Etsy, $24
  • Baby Dust 7 of 7
    Baby Dust
    Complete with a tree of life charm and a vile with rose-quartz glitter and curves to fit your wrist , this has all you need to aid fertility.
    Get one for yourself from Baby Dust Boutique/Etsy, $45

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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