7 Holiday Ornaments to Commemorate Your Pregnancy

Every year, my family loves to get a new ornament for our Christmas tree–usually something that commemorates big events that happened within the year.

Last year, we made handprint ornaments because it was my youngest’s first Christmas. The first year we moved to New York City, we made sure to get something that showed our love of the Big Apple. This year, we found out we are expecting our first son, so I knew that it would be a great idea to get an ornament to commemorate the pregnancy.

This is most likely our last pregnancy, so I really wanted to find something that we could look back on as we decorate our Christmas tree and remember the amazing feeling that pregnancy brings. I’ve searched the internet for the perfect ornament and have narrowed it down to some of my favorites.

  • Mom to Be 1 of 7

    I love this ornament because you can personalize it with both your name and your due date. My Christmas tree is decorated with red and green so this ornament would look great on it! 

    Get it from The Cute Tee, $9.25

  • Expectant Mom 2 of 7

    This is probably my favorite ornament. It's simple and classic, yet so beautiful. I would probably get a fine point pen and write something on the bottom so I can remember exactly when I bought the ornament. 

    Get it from Ebay, $29.42

  • Silent Nights (For Now) 3 of 7

    This ornament made me laugh. Not only because I dream about baby stuff all the time, but also because they look so happy and peaceful. Those silent nights will soon be put to an end once that little bundle of joy arrives. 

    Get it from Zazzle, $17.95

  • Expectant Parents 4 of 7

    This ornament made me smile because these expectant parents look so happy. I love the way that both are touching the mama's belly. It's like a maternity photo in a cute little figurine.

    Get it from Personalize Station, $14.50

  • Baby on the Way 5 of 7

    This is a gorgeous and simple way to remember your pregnancy. If you have a rustic tree, this would go great. I love that it's handmade and so natural. 

    Get it from Knotty Notions, $25.43

  • Handmade Mama 6 of 7

    This is another ornament that I loved. The nesting side of me wants to go to the craft store so I can try to start embroidering. It such a simple, yet classic, ornament to hang on the tree. 

    Get it from Hoops and Hooks, $12.50

  • Sweet Sonogram 7 of 7

    This is a gorgeous personalized ornament that is truly one of a kind. Take your little one's sonogram and have it placed on this glass ornament to remember forever. 

    Get it from Photo Squarez, $21.00 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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