7 Ideas for Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

Having a co-ed baby shower?  Here are some games that will be sure to keep guests of both genders entertained and having fun.

Change the Baby 1 of 7
Parenting requires cooperation and team work. What better way to test this team work than with a game of "Change the Baby"! In this game, couples compete against other couples in an effort to clock the best time in changing a cloth diaper on a baby doll. But it isn't so straightforward. Each person will have one arm tied behind her back. (I.e. She'll have her left arm tied, and he'll have his right arm tied, leaving only two free, hands between the two of them.) If the couples work well enough together to master the diaper change, move them on to dressing the baby with a onesie, pants, and a hat. Hilarity will ensue. And probably also insults. It's a good thing their other hands will be tied. You will need: a cloth diaper, two diaper pins a naked baby doll. Optional: a onesie, pants and a hat.
Quiz the Parents 2 of 7
This game puts all eyes on the parents-to-be. And it also puts some serious pressure on the happy couple as it tests how well they each know one another. Separately, and before the shower, give both the Expectant Mom and the Expectant Dad a list of questions to answer. Bring them together in front of the guests, read each question out loud, and have them guess the answers of their partner. Include questions like "What did you say when you found out you were having a baby?," "Do you want a boy or a girl?," "What is the first thing you will buy baby after he or she is born?" And if you really want to get the party going, "Where were you when you conceived this baby?" Questions to not ask: "What do you want to name the baby?," "How much do you think your partner weighs?", "Has your partner's butt gotten bigger in the last month?" You will need: 2 sheets of paper with identical questions written on them. 2 pens. 2 pads of paper for the answers.
Feed the Baby 3 of 7
Any parent knows that feeding a baby can be challenging. So this game puts the guests up to a baby-feeding challenge, with a twist. It's couples against couples, with one half of each couple acting as the parent and the other, the baby. The "parent" who feeds the "baby" the entire jar of baby food the fastest, wins. But I'm sure you can guess that the "parent" has to be blindfolded. And the "baby's" hands must be tied behind his back (to control the urge to guide the spoon). The constant collision of goopy baby food with non-mouth parts of the face provides high-grade entertainment. Food to the eye is always funny. You'll need: several jars of baby food (the grosser the color, the better), baby spoons, plastic or drop cloth to catch the mess, and bibs. Optional: a bonnet or funny hat for the "baby" to wear. Or "babies" can cut face holes out of poster board to contain the mess and then draw "baby" bodies under their faces to maximize comedy.
Don't Break Your Water 4 of 7
Play this game at an outdoor baby shower. Give each guest a filled water balloon to put and hold between their knees at the beginning or somewhere near the beginning of the shower. Let the guests mingle, eat, and do whatever they would normally be doing at that baby shower while holding that water balloon between their legs. It adds a layer of silly and awkward to normal social interactions. Some will lose their balloon and "break their water" just by walking, some will break it by reaching in for the crudité platter. But the last one standing with their water unbroken wins a prize. You will need: lots of water balloons, a bucket to hold them in, towels (for water breakage accidents) and strong inner-thigh muscles.
Baby Bottle Drinking Game 5 of 7
Sure you may be able to chug-a-lug a pint with the best of them at the pub, but can you suck that golden lager through a nipple surrounded by crepe paper streamers and fondant-covered cupcakes? This shower game is pretty simple: fill baby bottles with beer, wine, any beverage of your choice really, and the first one to suck it down is the winner. And the lush. Throwing one "adult" game in there can't hurt. I mean, it's not like you're playing beer pong with sippy cups. You'll need: baby bottles, beer or juice, and a hand to pour refills
Who's That Baby? 6 of 7
Have guests send you their baby photos before the day of the shower. Number the photos, display them at the shower, and watch guests try to put a name to each chubby, drooly baby face. The person who correctly identifies the most photos wins the game. This game will inspire many oohs and aaahs. It will also beg for the "Hey, you were actually a pretty cute baby. What happened?" joke. And though that guy gets zero points for originality, this game will get lots of points for keeping a co-ed crowd entertained and involved. You'll need: a baby photo from each guest, photo holders (to display on a table) or clothes pins (to display hanging from a clothes line), note pads, pens
Mold a Baby 7 of 7
Most people secretly like an opportunity to get artistic. And everyone likes the opportunity to act like a kid again. So this game should please all. Give each guest a small amount of Play-Doh, and see who can mold the best baby in 60 seconds. The mother-to-be can be the judge. And she'll probably choose the clay baby that looks like it sleeps the most. You'll need: Play-Doh and a timer

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