7 Lies Pregnant Women Tell Themselves to Get Through Pregnancy & Labor

7 Lies Pregnant Women Tell ThemselvesI grew up with the understanding that one tries their best not to lie. I was told this as a young child and it’s one of the “rules” that we have now for our kids.

As we get older we learn that there is a difference between little white lies and those big whoppers that are designed to hurt or deceive people. There are times where we change the truth just a little bit to protect someone and their feelings. It’s more complicated than the “don’t ever lie” black-and-white rule that we tell our kids.

When I was pregnant, I realized there was another reason to lie — to survive a situation. I didn’t realize until I was on the other side of pregnancy (with a baby in my arms) that there were some lies I was telling to myself just to get through it and keep my chin up.

I’ve discovered that there are common lies many pregnant women tell themselves about pregnancy and labor just to be able to get through it with some sort of sanity. And we say them to ourselves with the best intentions!

Click through to read 7 common lies pregnant women tell themselves to get through pregnancy & labor:

  • That’s the Last One 1 of 7
    That's the Last One
    That piece of chocolate cake you just snuck is probably not going to be the last one. To justify it you'll lie and say it is the last one.
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  • I’ll Stop Puking Soon 2 of 7
    I'll Stop Puking Soon
    You're 10 weeks pregnant and you're trying to assure yourself that once you hit that second trimester you'll stop puking. Later you're 18 weeks pregnant and still puking but continue to lie to yourself and say it has to stop soon.
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  • It Can’t Hurt That Bad 3 of 7
    It Can't Hurt That Bad
    The whole labor thing that is basically inevitable is not going to hurt that bad...
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  • It Won’t Be As Bad This Time 4 of 7
    It Won't Be As Bad This Time
    If your first pregnancy was rough or you had a difficult birth, you will lie to yourself and tell you that this time it's not going to be as bad.
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  • I’m Not That Big 5 of 7
    I'm Not That Big
    You've nearly doubled in size since you got pregnant, but you lie and say you're not really that big.
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  • I’ll Lose the Weight 6 of 7
    I'll Lose the Weight
    You just looked at the scale and realized you're 50 pounds heavier. To stop yourself from completely freaking out you tell yourself that you're one of those women who will walk out of the hospital 50 pounds lighter.
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  • I Won’t Do This Again 7 of 7
    I Won't Do This Again
    You're not having the best pregnancy or the birth was not ideal and so you lie to yourself and say you will never do it ever again.... until you know, you're pregnant again.
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