7 Milestones for Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after a miscarriage can be a scary thing for many women. I remember clearly the day I decided to try again after I lost my twins at 17-weeks pregnant. I had been in bed for days, crying and recovering physically and emotionally from the loss, when it hit me: Aela, you can either let this defeat you, or you can begin to pick up the pieces. Which one is going to get you closer to your dream of motherhood?

Six days ago, I had my frozen embryo transfer. I find out in four days if I’m pregnant, which I believe I am. While there are certainly things I am anxious about when it comes to being pregnant again after such an awful loss, I’m focusing now on all the positive aspects of (possibly) being pregnant again.

And, truth be told, I can’t wait to celebrate these 7 milestones!

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  • A Positive Pregnancy Test 2 of 8

    The very first – and obvious – milestone is a positive pregnancy test. This might bring about a roller coaster of emotions for you that don't necessarily have anything to do with hormones. While this is a happy time, old feelings (or not so old feelings) about your pregnancy loss might surface. Try to stay positive!

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  • Detecting and Hearing a Heartbeat 3 of 8

    Seeing your baby's heartbeat at around six or seven weeks will bring a smile to your face, and prehaps a sigh of relief as well. And then hearing your baby's heartbeat around by the 12th week will be sure to add more joy to your pregnancy. 

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  • Passing the Week/Day You Miscarried 4 of 8

    I know I'll feel more at ease when I pass the week in pregnancy time that I lost my twins, which was 17 weeks, 1 day. Mostly at that point, it will feel like history has less of a chance of repeating itself.

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  • Normal Prenatal Screening Tests 5 of 8

    Not everyone opts for the prenatal screening tests, and the choice is solely yours. But if you do, you may gain a more positive outlook in knowing that normal results are a promising sign of what's to come.

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  • Feeling Baby Move 6 of 8

    Feeling the baby kick and/or move is exciting! While I never felt either of my twins kick, I was blessed to have felt them move. They were active little buggers! Feeling the baby can give you peace of mind and helps confirm that everything is progressing normally. 

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  • Point of Viability and 37 Weeks 7 of 8

    Most doctors agree that the point of viability – or, the point at which there would be a chance of survival outside of the womb – is 23-24 weeks. A birth at this point should be avoided if possible, but many couples feel better knowing there is at least a chance if the baby came this early. More notably is the 37-week mark. This is the point that your baby would no longer be considered premature, nor is it likely that she/he would need special care.

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  • DELIVERY 8 of 8

    Hands down, this is the best milestone of your pregnancy after a miscarriage. I know I dream of the day my baby comes safely into this world.

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