7 More Signs That You Still Have "Baby Fever"

8 Big Signs You May Be Dealing with "Baby Fever"It is so not a secret that this lady wants a squatter in her uterus, commonly known as a baby. It’s getting so much worse now that I have the green light from my husband and we’re trying and it’s taking too long and all that I’ve got a raging case of “baby fever”.

I have discovered that there are many symptoms of this fever. The list seems to grow as time goes on and it’s even starting to infect other people around me.

First I was able to get my husband on board and since that time, I have also infected my kids! They’re┬áso looking forward to another kid around the house. If you’re not careful, you may become infected too, so best educate yourself!

Click through to find out 7 more big signs that you’re “infected” with baby fever:

  • Rationalization 1 of 7
    You live in a small one-bedroom apartment and have a tiny car but you're already rationalizing how you can fit it all in.
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  • New Collector 2 of 7
    New Collector
    You can't resist a sweet face and you now have a big collection of stray cats.
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  • New Outlook 3 of 7
    New Outlook
    Instead of staring at a kid crying in public because you're annoyed, you look at the mom with an understanding in your eye.
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  • Two Words: Baby Shoes 4 of 7
    Two Words: Baby Shoes
    If those two words made you smile -- you have baby fever.
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  • New Things Catch Your Eye 5 of 7
    New Things Catch Your Eye
    You no longer notices the fit shirtless guy at the park, but instead only see the dads with kids in their arms.
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  • New Photography Obsession 6 of 7
    New Photography Obsession
    You find yourself oogling the cute newborn photography and are already planning a creative photo shoot for your kid.
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  • You Don’t Look for an Out 7 of 7
    You Don't Look for an Out
    You look for a kid on your flight to see if you're seated next to them. When you see that you are, you smile instead of insisting on seating change or a later flight.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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