7 Must-Have Products After Vaginal Delivery

After the birth of your child there are unique needs for caring for your body afterwords.  Preparing your house with some items that could be of great help for you when you get home from the hospital.

I found the best time to make sure the house is stocked with certain items was right as I was packing my bags for the hospital – about a month before my due date. Having these easy to find items on hand makes for the beginning postpartum period to go just a bit easier.

Click through to see my picks for the 7 must-have products after a vaginal delivery:


  • Perineal Bottle 1 of 7
    Whether you need stitches or not after the birth of your baby using a perineal bottle filled with warm water will help soothe.
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  • Stool Softener 2 of 7
    After birth everything in the under region may be swollen and sore. Tack milk production, hormonal changes and losing excess water everything in your intestinal tract slows down. Stool softeners will help ease it all when things get going again.
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  • Hemorrhoid Pads with Witch Hazel 3 of 7
    Like I mentioned your genitals and perineum can all become quite swollen after a vaginal birth. Using a medicated hemorrhoid pad with witch hazel can help ease the inflammation.
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  • Taut Belly Wrap 4 of 7
    Not exclusive to only a vaginal birth a belly wrap can bring some comfort after birth. I found mine really useful after the birth of my third where after birth contractions were the worse. Having a wrap that applied gentle pressure to the abdomen and uterus provided a lot of comfort.
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  • Epsom Salts 5 of 7
    Labor and birth is a lot of work! It can leave all your muscles hurting and especially the ones around the perineum. Taking a warm bath with epsom salts dissolved in can help provide a gentle comfort to those aching muscles and it's great to help reduce any pain from stitches.
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  • Prenatal Vitamins 6 of 7
    It's important to continue to take your prenatal vitamins after birth. Ensuring you have enough vitamins and minerals can help bounce your body back, your energy level and heal quicker.
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  • Frozen Newborn Diapers 7 of 7
    Sounds strange to be on this list but the newborn diapers are not for the baby - they're for you. Opening them up and filling the pads with water then placing in the freezer is a great trick I learned. These frozen diapers then provide the perfect sized ice pack for your sore genitals.
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:: What products would you add to the must-have list? ::

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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