7 Nontoxic Must-Have Products for a Healthy Baby

7 Must-Have Nontoxic Products for a Healthy Baby

This is Part 4 for a four-part series highlighting Healthy Child Healthy World’s new e-book, Easy Steps for a Healthy & Safe Nursery.

In its recent e-book, Healthy Child, Healthy World shares some great, practical, and easy steps parents can take to reduce their baby’s exposure to the countless chemicals she comes into contact with each and every day.

This isn’t about making yourself nuts when it comes to every single thing your baby is exposed to. It’s about making small changes and smarter choices to ensure that your child isn’t exposed to an alphabet of toxins. Because there is reason to be concerned: The Toxic Controlled Substance Act in the U.S. hasn’t been updated since 1976, and while Europe has banned 1,328 toxins from use in personal-care products, the U.S. has banned 11.

If you’re just starting out your family, or if you’ve had a family for a while and are wanting to switch to a greener and healthier lifestyle free from chemicals and toxins, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover 7 nontoxic must-have baby products that are easier to incorporate into your life than you might imagine. After clicking through, be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series!

  • Safer Pacifiers 1 of 7
    Safer Pacifiers
    Baby's do a lot of sucking, so be sure your Little One's binky is latex-free and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates -- all of which are dangerous to baby.
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  • Chemical-Free Teethers 2 of 7
    Chemical-Free Teethers says that one easy rule of thumb is simply to avoid plastic. But if you must use plastic, choose plastics labeled with the number 1,2,4, or 5 on the bottom of the product, as these are safer plastics. You can also use common household goods, like a frozen washcloth.
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  • Organic Nursing Pillow 3 of 7
    Organic Nursing Pillow
    Surprising as it may be, but most nursing pillows made with ployurethane foam are treated with toxic flame retardants. Opt for a natural nursing pillow instead so your baby isn't snuggled into chemicals when she nurses.
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  • BFR-Free Car Seats and Strollers 4 of 7
    BFR-Free Car Seats and Strollers
    Speaking of toxic flame retardants -- which, by the way, are linked to cancer -- did you know that this chemical is also found in many everyday baby products like strollers, car seats, and head supports? A few companies are hip to keeping these toxins out of their products, like Orbit Baby -- none of whose products are chemically treated. Both Graco and Britax have recently vowed to ban using certain toxins in their products.
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  • BPA-Free Bottles 5 of 7
    BPA-Free Bottles
    Back to all that sucking we mentioned earlier, your baby's bottle should be BPA free. But better yet are glass or stainless steal bottles!
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  • Safe Feeding Gear 6 of 7
    Safe Feeding Gear
    Vinyl is one of the worst plastics for the environment and your baby. It's loaded with toxic chemicals including lead and phthalates, so be sure to avoid feeding gear (bottles, sippy cups, plates, and utensils) made with PVC. To steer clear of this danger, avoid products with the #3 or the letters PVC near the recycling symbol. Opt for products marked "phthalate-free."
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  • Chemical-Free Changing-Table Pad 7 of 7
    Chemical-Free Changing-Table Pad
    Toxic flame retardants have been found in 80 percent of baby products -- including changing-table pads -- according to a 2011 Duke University study. Avoid these chemicals (linked to reduced IQs, learning disabilities, hormone disruption, and cancer) by choosing wool or cotton-filled contour pads or portable fabric pads, which are made with safer waterproofing materials.
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SOURCE: Easy Steps for a Healthy & Safe Nursery, by Healthy Child, Healthy World

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