7 Practical Must-Haves for Baby’s Nursery

This stuff is magic and actually takes out poop stains!

I’m about to begin the process of decorating the nursery for my new baby. I’m all excited about this because I didn’t do much with a nursery for my first child since we were living in a rental. This time I have visions of wall decals and stylish cribs dancing in my head.

The other visions dancing in my head are far less stylish and fanciful than decals of colorful tress populated by cheerful owls that will cover an entire wall. In fact, they’re downright boring and really belong more on the list for a Costco run rather than in a decorator’s notebook. But they are the things I know I’ll need close at hand in the baby’s room. (And many of these things relate to baby poop. Hmmm. Oh well, that’s life.) The best I can do it stock up on the must-have and then stash them in cute baskets that color coordinate with the rest of the room:

Here are my practical additions to the must-have list for nurseries!

  • Laundry Hamper 1 of 7
    Laundry Hamper
    Babies change clothes more than a celebrity on awards show night. Make sure you have a place to dump the dirties to make for easier schlepping to the laundry room.
    Buy Buy Baby
  • Laundry Spray 2 of 7
    Laundry Spray
    Believe it or not, you CAN get poop stains out. There are some great laundry sprays that work well for that. I love OxiClean Baby but that's me. Having a bottle on hand to spray soiled clothes right away gives you a leg up on stain fighting.
  • Santizing Wipes 3 of 7
    Santizing Wipes
    If you're a first time parent you might not know about what my best friend calls the Double Butt Fake. It's where you think the baby is done pooping but as soon as you open the diaper BOOM. One more round. You'll need to clean that off the surface of the changing table.
  • Hand Sanitizer 4 of 7
    Hand Sanitizer
    Annnnnddddd after you clean the baby and the changing table, you'll want to clean your hands.
  • Trash Bags 5 of 7
    Trash Bags
    That diaper receptacle will fill up fast. Having the right kind of bag to re-line it handy will save you trips up and down the stairs to fetch them. And it will reduce fights with your spouse about who was supposed to bring a new bag into the nursery after emptying the trash.
  • Air Freshener 6 of 7
    Air Freshener
    A rose by any other name might smell as sweet but a poopy diaper by any other name would still stink. If the weather precludes opening a window, a little spritz of a baby-safe air freshener will keep the nursery smelling good.
    Indigo Wild
  • Water and Snacks 7 of 7
    Water and Snacks
    You might need a 3am feeding, too, and if you're nursing, you'll almost certainly need to drink something. Have some food and water nearby.

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