7 Predictions My Kids Have About My Next Pregnancy

I have had a lot of time to think about what my next pregnancy is going to be like. I wonder if I will feel the baby move sooner than usual, if I will have any side effects, or if there will be any complications. I wonder about the possibility of a multi-gestational pregnancy. Since I am on fertility medications, it’s totally possible.

I talk about the potential of adding another member to our family with my children who are 7, 6 and 4-years-old. They’ve known for a while that we’re trying to bring another sibling to the family and while they’re still young, they have been showing interest in what the new baby will be like too.

They have predictions of their own about how many children we’re going to have, what I will look like, what I will want to eat, and how their lives will change, It’s all pretty fun and interesting to me.

Check out these 7 predictions my kids have on what my next pregnancy is going to be like:

  • My Kids’ Predictions 1 of 8
    My Kids' Predictions
    I asked and they answered and now we'll just have to wait and see how right they are.
  • How Many Kids? 2 of 8
    How Many Kids?
    "You're going to have a lot, a lot of babies." -- Bean
  • The Gender Will Be? 3 of 8
    The Gender Will Be?
    "You will have a boy and a girl and that way, two of us can hold a baby too." -- Raru
  • What Will The Name Be? 4 of 8
    What Will The Name Be?
    "We are going to name them 'Pingou' and 'Pinga'" -- all three
  • How Will Mommy Feel? 5 of 8
    How Will Mommy Feel?
    "You're going to be really tired and want to sleep a lot. That's okay though, we'll take care of you." -- Raru
  • What Will Mommy Look Like? 6 of 8
    What Will Mommy Look Like?
    "Your tummy is going to get huge!" -- all three
  • What Will Mommy Eat? 7 of 8
    What Will Mommy Eat?
    "I heard that pregnant women like pickles, so I guess you will be eating a lot of that." -- Speed
  • How Will Your Life Change? 8 of 8
    How Will Your Life Change?
    "Babies cry all the time because that's how they talk. But, it's okay -- we will love them anyway" -- Raru

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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