7 Unlikely Ways to Predict Baby’s Gender

I have been pregnant and given birth to three full-term children and each time, I had a feeling I knew which gender I was carrying. I found out early with my older two children and left the third one waiting until the birth when my husband announced we had a girl.

With each pregnancy, I knew the gender of my child-to-be. Even though I had not really been pregnant before my son, I was correct that he was a boy. The same is true for the two girls — I was right when I predicted their gender.

Basically, I am 3 for three and it’s because I have my own unlikely ways to predict gender. I have no idea if these will work for you, but for me they’ve always seem to hold true.

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    While I don't know if this is totally accurate, each of these have been true for me and it's totally how I predict it. I haven't been wrong yet. 

  • The Heartbeat 2 of 8

    If you know your baby's in-utero heart rate, that can give you an indication of which gender you're carrying. For me, babies with the higher heart rate meant a girl (in the 150's) and a lower one means it's a boy (in the 130's).

  • Your Skin 3 of 8

    It's been my experience that if my skin glows, I am carrying a boy and if I'm hit with the dreaded pregnancy acne, I'm carrying a girl. 

  • Sex Drive 4 of 8

    It was always evident when I was carrying a boy since I couldn't get enough of my husband. When I was carrying a girl, I wanted nothing to do with him. 

  • Cravings 5 of 8

    When I was carrying my son, I could not get enough of the salty food. Fries and chips were my best friend. When I was carrying a girl, I was like "bring me all the sweet things!" I wanted chocolate, candy and soda.

  • The Way You Carry 6 of 8

    Okay, so I can't be sure if this is just because I was pregnant a few times, but I swear I carried my son much lower than I did my daughters. The boy loved to hang out around my bladder while the girls were always up in my ribs. 

  • Chinese Gender Prediction Chart 7 of 8

    I have got no idea how it works, but the chart has never been wrong for me. You look on a chart with your age at conception and the month you conceived and it tells you which gender you're going to have. It has never been wrong for me.

    Check it out yourself -- Chinese Gender Prediction Chart on

  • Instinct 8 of 8

    You have to listen to your gut because well, sometimes it will be right. For me, I always had an instinct from very early on which gender I was carrying and wasn't wrong. I even go as far as only having the gender predicted names chosen and I've not had to quickly brainstorm yet. 

:: Would this accurately describe what you went through during your pregnancies for which gender you carried? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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