7 Products That Would Make A Pregnant Woman's Life Easier If They Existed

7 Products That Would Make A Pregnant Woman's Life Easier If They ExistedI was sitting around a few days ago thinking about how life will be different when I do get pregnant. It for sure won’t be my first time being pregnant, but it’s been kind of a long time for me. My kids are all really close in age and so I was never really out of that phase of being pregnant and I’ve since had a lot more time to reflect.

It’s funny how different things are now even just four years later. There are new products available to make life easier for pregnant women and newborns that was not available when I could have made use of them. However, I do still think there is a lot more room to grow.

As much as I love being pregnant, it’s certainly not always easy and if there were just a few more products available to target some specific things that come up during pregnancy, it could get a lot easier!

Click through to see 7 products that I think would make life easier for a pregnant woman… if only they existed:

  • Self-Tying Shoes 1 of 7
    Self-Tying Shoes
    When in the later stages of pregnancy, seeing our feet is hard enough and trying to tie shoes can feel nearly impossible. While there are shoes that are available that you don't need to tie, but if we had shoes that self-tied, that would be sweet.
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  • Bras That Grow With You 2 of 7
    Bras That Grow With You
    Not only does your belly grow when pregnant, but with breast changes that happen -- they grow a lot too! If there were bras that could fit us perfectly and grow with us -- we could have it all.
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  • A Bed With a Belly Pit 3 of 7
    A Bed With a Belly Pit
    I am a tummy sleeper and the more pregnant you are, the harder it gets to sleep on your stomach. If there was an affordable way to convert your bed to include a belly pit so you can lay down without putting the pressure on your stomach, I could actually sleep!
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  • A Way to Encourage the Baby to Move 4 of 7
    A Way to Encourage the Baby to Move
    If you've been pregnant and have had a baby foot jammed in your ribs or a baby who loves bouncing on your bladder, it hurts. If there was a way to gently encourage the baby to move a bit -- oh we could me more comfortable!
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  • Protection When Out in Public 5 of 7
    Protection When Out in Public
    Have you been in public and had someone randomly put their hands on your stomach? If there was some way to have a protection around you to stop that from happening, how awesome would that be? Some sort of gentle but effective shock system could prove to be valuable.
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  • Clothes That Regulate Body Temperature 6 of 7
    Clothes That Regulate Body Temperature
    When I am pregnant I am hot one minute and cold the next and it's never consistent -- worse than the weather when trying to decide what to wear. If there was maternity clothes that regulated for you, that would be amazing!
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  • All Craving Flavored Gum Balls 7 of 7
    All Craving Flavored Gum Balls
    One of the big symptoms of pregnancy is those food cravings we get and they can sneak up on us. If there was some way to have gum ball flavors of the most common and bizarre cravings, we would be totally set & that would mean no 3am food runs for our partners.
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