7 Reasons Halloween Is More Complicated For a Pregnant Mom

Happy Halloween, Friends!

Hopefully — pregnant or not — you’ve got your costume all picked out and are looking forward to this evening when trick or treating starts. If you’ve already got kids or live in a neighborhood where they’re all around, chances are you will be involved in some sort of Halloween celebration tonight.

While I was hoping to be pregnant by now and enjoying the night sporting my own accessory, I am slightly glad I can avoid being pregnant during Halloween this year. I’ve been pregnant for 3 Halloween’s in the past and while the costumes can be more fun — there are just some things about the spooky night that complicate things a bit for pregnant women who partake in the trick or treat traditions.

Click through to read 7 reasons Halloween is more complicated for a pregnant mom:

  • Toilet Break Time? 1 of 7
    One of those pesky side effects of pregnancy is the need to pee all.the.time. Unfortunately, asking strangers for candy and using their washroom is not looked kindly upon. Scheduling washroon breaks is a complication.
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  • Walks Like a … ? 2 of 7
    If you're really pregnant or have the unfriendly complication of pregnancy where walking is so painful, Halloween is complicated for you. Waddling down the street may look like it's a part of your costume get-up, but it's likely not.
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  • Drained Creativity 3 of 7
    Whether you're trying to hide your pregnant shape, accentuate it or use it as part of your costume prop, it can be hard to think of something beyond "pumpkin" that will work with your new shape.
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  • Temperature Crazy 4 of 7
    It's important to dress your kids for the weather while trick or treating, but that simple thing becomes complicated for a pregnant woman. One second you're hot, the next you're freezing cold. Makes planning difficult.
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  • Candy! 5 of 7
    Show me a pregnant lady who can resist chocolate. It was always hard for me to not overdo the chocolate intake when I was pregnant and it was everywhere.
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  • Emotional, Much? 6 of 7
    Hormones are a funny thing and pregnant women have a lot of different ones surging through them. If you're like me you may find yourself crying every time you see a little kid out trick or treating -- they just look so cute (even when they're trying to be scary)
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Just. So. Tired 7 of 7
    Needing a nap especially after a long day and it's dark out can complicate a trick or treat trip when you're pregnant. The long walk, fresh air and expelled energy sounds like a perfect combination for the super fatigue.
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