8 Reasons I Should Probably Be Afraid of Getting Pregnant Again

I am still in a 2 week wait to see if the 13th cycle of trying to get pregnant has worked. If you’ve ever been in the process of trying to conceive, you will understand when I say that time seems to be at a stand-still. You’re just waiting to see if you’re finally pregnant. My wait could be more accurately described as nearly-three-weeks since my luteal phase, the time between ovulation and expected period, is 18 days long.

To tell the truth, there are some days, those crazy days, where I wonder why we’re trying to add another child to the mix. I know, with all my heart, that it’s the best decision for us, but I would be lying if I said there were never any moments where I reconsidered those reasons.

When I think about it, pregnancy and I don’t really get along. I love being pregnant and want more than anything to have another child in our family, but there are many reasons why I maybe should be more worried about it than I am.

There are 8 reasons why I should probably be afraid of pregnancy again, even though I am not in the least.

  • I Maybe Should Be More Afraid 1 of 10
    I Maybe Should Be More Afraid
    There are some moments where I wonder, but overall I am going for it despite the reasons I maybe should be more nervous.
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  • Kidney Stones 2 of 10
    Kidney Stones
    When I am pregnant, I make kidney stones like no one's business. I mean, I've passed over 24 stones and it's inevitable I will be dealing with it for the entire next pregnancy too.
  • Daily Injections 3 of 10
    Daily Injections
    Once I get that positive and continuing until 2 months after giving birth, I have to inject myself with a needle in the stomach every day. Thanks to a diagnosis of Factor V Leiden, it's a fact of pregnancy for me.
  • All-Day Sickness 4 of 10
    All-Day Sickness
    I've been pregnant many times in the past and it never fails that I get terrible all-day sickness. Puking multiple times daily is not something people really look forward to.
  • Chance of Miscarriage 5 of 10
    Chance of Miscarriage
    It's a truth for me -- having been through 13 losses already, there is a real possibility things may not be all happy.
  • I Have a Busy Life With 3 Kids 6 of 10
    I Have a Busy Life With 3 Kids
    My three kids keep me busy and happy and I wonder sometimes what adding another will do to the mix.
  • Another Induced Birth 7 of 10
    Another Induced Birth
    Thanks again to my Factor V Leiden, I can't have a naturally-occurring birth and need to be induced again. It's not all bad, but it's not all awesome either.
  • Chances of Multiples 8 of 10
    Chances of Multiples
    I am older now (almost 31-years old) and since I am on my 5th round of Clomid (100mg), there is a bigger chance of multiples and that's a lot to take on.
  • Larger Than I’d Like Age Gap 9 of 10
    Larger Than I'd Like Age Gap
    I didn't plan for there to be a 5+ year age gap between my youngest and the hopeful-new baby, but that's the way it's timed out to be. I worry too much time has passed.
  • So, Why Go For It Despite This? 10 of 10
    So, Why Go For It Despite This?
    There are many reasons why maybe I shouldn't and I've had some people inquire why we keep trying with all those behind us. The answer to that is that my kids are amazing, life is amazing and there is a very true and real feeling that we are missing someone who should be here -- that's our next babe-to-be.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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