7 Reasons I’m Nervous About Taking Fertility Drugs

7 Reasons I'm Nervous About Taking Fertility DrugsThis whole process is just not working out like I had planned. It’s weird how that happens and as a person who feels better when I know what to expect, this is just all new for me.

I was diagnosed with infertility a few weeks ago and am now waiting for my cycle to start over again; 40 days and counting. It’s already been a frustrating process and far from what I had anticipated was going to happen. It’s weird to think that if my plan had gone through as I had hoped, we would be nearly ready to greet a new baby, yet here I am still waiting to get pregnant.

We do have a plan though and for that, I am thankful. I am on a new diet plan and I have a great team of doctors pulling for us as a family. When my cycle starts again, we will be taking fertility drugs to get my body ovulating again.

I’ll be honest with you, I am nervous about taking the drug Clomid. I know so many women who have been on it and I am not against medications or anything. It’s just new to me and like I said, I feel better when I feel like I know what I am doing.

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  • Meds vs Natural Ways 1 of 7
    Meds vs Natural Ways
    I worry that I could be doing more for myself than I am and could avoid using drugs. It's not that I am against them, I just wonder if there is more I could be doing on top of what I am already doing to increase conception chances.
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  • The Added Pressure 2 of 7
    The Added Pressure
    There is already so much pressure on a couple when trying to conceive. Being intimate becomes timed and chore-like and with taking fertility drugs, I worry that pressure will be higher.
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  • It Not Working 3 of 7
    It Not Working
    I know that we won't be perusing conception via IUI or IVF, a personal thing for us due to finances and our family. So, if this doesn't work, I worry that nothing will.
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  • The Symptoms Don’t Sound Fun 4 of 7
    The Symptoms Don't Sound Fun
    Hot flashes, moodiness, nausea, weight gain, sore breasts -- basically menopausal symptoms are what I have been told to expect when taking Clomid. Each woman has a different reaction, but honestly -- none of that sounds like fun.
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  • Extra Testing Involved 5 of 7
    Extra Testing Involved
    It's not that I am really against blood tests, but the process of it is not that simple. I have to drag three kids out with me on Cycle day 21 to get my hormones tested after taking the fertility drugs. This is to make sure that I have enough and that I did ovulate... just so much more complicated than I wanted.
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  • Extra Planning Involved 6 of 7
    Extra Planning Involved
    It's going to get even more planned and technical now. I have to take the drugs at a certain time, then plan intercourse exactly and make sure I am basal body temping perfectly to see if ovulation occurred, then a blood test. It's just so much more planning than I had hoped.
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  • Increase Chance of Multiples 7 of 7
    Increase Chance of Multiples
    My doctor told me there is about a 10-20% chance of having twins and a small chance of higher multiples. That chance will go up if the drug usage needs to go up. It's not that I would be totally unhappy with twins, but with three kids at home -- 5 is a lot.
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