7 Side Effects My Husband Has Experienced With My First Round of Clomid

7 Side Effects My Husband Has Experienced With My First Round of ClomidThis whole infertility thing has been an interesting ride lately. I am currently in my first medicated cycle and that’s been interesting as well. I was weary about taking medications — hormones have never been a good thing for my body. We were warned about the side effects that I might experience. My doctor told me that they weren’t exactly a picnic. After long conversations with our doctor, my husband and I decided to go ahead with it. The warnings were right — the side effects are not exactly what I would call fun.

But the warning helped me prepare for it as best as I could. At least I knew what to expect. What I was not prepared for though, was how my medication gave my husband some side effects too. Weird, right?

You won’t find these side effects in any medical journal since he’s not the one taking the medication. His side effects are real though and he’s been living with them for the past month. Don’t feel too bad for him though, it’s worse for me.

Click through to read 7 side effects my husband has been experiencing thanks to my infertility treatments:

  • Painful Eyes 1 of 7
    Painful Eyes
    My husband has been experiencing painful eyes since I started my infertility medication. We've discovered it's a direct result of him rolling his eyes at my latest mood swing.
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  • Low Sex Drive 2 of 7
    Low Sex Drive
    It's not something my husband normally has to deal with, but it's been around this month. We think it has something to do with the pressure to get it done since I am on medication now. Scheduling is never sexy.
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  • Sore Ears 3 of 7
    Sore Ears
    Since I started the fertility treatment, my husband has been experiencing some soreness in his ears. Apparently my shorter temper has caused some ear pain due to a slightly raised voice on my part.
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  • Stomach Pain 4 of 7
    Stomach Pain
    My husband has been having some cramping and soreness in his stomach. Don't feel bad for him, it's a result of laughing too much -- at me.
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  • Chills 5 of 7
    My poor husband has been experiencing some chills lately. Especially at night when it's freezing cold outside and I've got the window wide open and a fan on. My hot flashes seem to be the cause.
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  • Fatigue 6 of 7
    He just can't seem to get enough rest lately and is always tired no matter how much coffee he's had. This started when I began fertility treatment. We've been woken nightly due to my cold sweats. I keep needing to change the bed sheets at 3 AM. Do you think that has something to do with it?
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  • Fear/Anxiety 7 of 7
    My husband is not an anxious guy, but he's suffered from some anxiety this month. It has something to do with a new name we've coined for these drugs -- "CloMAD". He's not used to dealing with a woman with PMS, let alone month-long PMS. It's been fun.
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My husband has been wonderfully supportive during our this whole pregnancy ordeal. We believe that humor and the ability to laugh and smile at even the most stressful situations will help get us through it.

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